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Souvenir Cabin

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RockNRollNerd Thu 08-Oct-15 22:20:39

We went to this on Saturday night with DS (his first outing to grown up theatre in London!). It was very good, Margaret Cabourn-Smith was on with him (he's had different people on different nights). He did the credit card security code sketch, the one where Julian meets George from the Famous 5 when they are adults and Arthur delivered the full lecture on polar bears - apparently he is a professor of bears at Ipswich University where Martin is professor of aeroplanes and Douglas is professor of everything!

John came out to the foyer at the end and spent time talking with everyone who wanted to meet him which was very cool. DS was delighted and got an autograph complete with an extremely good drawing of a dinosaur.

There are a few tickets left for the last few nights so if anyone fancies an evening out in London I'd recommend it!

TeaAndCake Thu 08-Oct-15 22:32:27

Soooo jealous!

Nowhere near London and absolutely no chance of getting there either!

My DNeice asked JF on Twitter if he'd be touring this show around the country but sadly not. sad

I loooove JF!

RockNRollNerd Thu 08-Oct-15 22:34:12

I think he would be able to tour it for sure, not to the big theatres perhaps but I'm fairly sure he could fill a night in 'Arts' type theatres in most places. Maybe if the London run is a success he'll think about it again.

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Fri 23-Oct-15 17:12:23

Sounds great! What a lovely, lovely man he appears to be.

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