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Latest Tales of the City serialisation on Radio iPlayer

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RocknRollNerd Mon 06-Jul-15 13:57:31

Think it's there for the next 3 weeks.

For some reason this one annoyed me less than the previous one - not sure if I've got more used to the style of it or it has a better plot, the Jim Jones/Alaska escapade in the previous one always annoys me beyond belief.

TheBeekeepersDaughter Mon 06-Jul-15 20:35:10

I started reading the books when I heard the first volume serialised. The books are an order of magnitude better; funny, sharp and touching.

IPityThePontipines Tue 21-Jul-15 01:15:18

Thanks, I'll check it out. I enjoyed the books more too, but the radio drama introduced me to them too.

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