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Chris Evans Breakfast show: Book about decluttering

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rara67 Tue 05-May-15 18:37:10

Did I imagine it or was Chris Evans talking to a woman who had written a book about decluttering last week (maybe Friday)? I am fairly sure he said it was a Sunday Times best seller but then he could have said that "it would be". Does anyone remember this feature or the name of the author or the book? Thanks

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GuybrushThreepwoodMightyPirate Tue 05-May-15 18:45:57

Marie Kondo?

CointreauVersial Tue 05-May-15 18:48:03

Yes! I heard that article. DH and I have just been wracking our brains trying to remember what the book was called..... will return....

Shedding Tue 05-May-15 18:49:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CointreauVersial Tue 05-May-15 18:51:02

Stuffocation by James Wellman.

rara67 Tue 05-May-15 20:35:49

Brilliant, that's the one! Thanks very much

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