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Is that a ferret in your (Gr)undies or are you just pleased to see me? Discuss The Archers vermin (so many possibilities!) here.

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PseudoBadger Sat 04-Apr-15 10:46:03

I'm not sure that ferrets cannot through a thumb sized hole - rats can, and mice can fit through a pen sized hole. But I know the SWs will have researched such a statement carefully tbuwink

Bluestocking Sat 04-Apr-15 11:10:48

Hello, you two!
Did anyone else notice a snippet of change-counting in one of last week's epis, or was I dreaming?

GypsyFloss Sat 04-Apr-15 11:54:10

Hello you two. Yes I too heard change counting in the new shop last week on one of my brief forays away from tv bingeing.

Many thanks for yet another new thread Pseudo tbusmile

CuttedUpPear Sat 04-Apr-15 12:16:54

Here we are then brew

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Sat 04-Apr-15 13:25:16

Hello, all! I suppose this could be a hot cross bunny: tbuangry

GypsyFloss Sat 04-Apr-15 14:11:50


ppeatfruit Sat 04-Apr-15 14:35:20

I was going to tell off you lot for having a go at poorly HP on the old thread but it'd be a waste of time Thanks for the new thread psued !. She's doing an 'ill and old' voice isn't she?

It wasn't Jill doing that reading , rather well I thought ,it was the actress, it made me tear up actually and i'm not religious grin.

Well done on keeping off here for 40 days dadx3 Dh gives up alcohol for Lent which is difficult because his b\day falls in the middle of it , we had a lunch out on it and he did have a drink then (the only time though)! tbugrin

BoreOfWhabylon Sat 04-Apr-15 15:43:43

Ah, new thread <happysigh>

Thanks Pseudo and whoever dreamed up the title tbugrin

PseudoBadger Sat 04-Apr-15 15:56:15

Title courtesy of DoctorTwoflowers

DoctorTwo Sat 04-Apr-15 16:35:01

Thanks for the shiny new thread Pseudo, and for the thread name too. <shines 'thread namer' badge>

Minimammoth Sat 04-Apr-15 17:01:52

Well done Pseudo and Dr2 . Blatantly place marking.

Eastpoint Sat 04-Apr-15 17:24:59

Place marking here too - not much Archerswise to discuss until tomorrow nights episode (although the film listeners often have good points).

enochroot Sat 04-Apr-15 20:09:12

Great new thread title. Thank you.

I've been musing on how little admin Helen seems to have in winding up the shop. What does she DO all day?

DadDadDad Sat 04-Apr-15 20:56:46

Giving up MN for Lent wasn't too hard once I'd made the decision. It's not as if temptation was thrust in front of me as it would be with alcohol or chocolate: "ooh, go on a little bit of AIBU, I won't tell anyone. Just a quick go on Chat, it's a really juicy thread, where's the harm?"

What I'm really proud of is my predictive success. My spreadshit said there would be three threads before Easter, and on Easter Saturday, the third thread has just ended. Back of the net!

EBearhug Sat 04-Apr-15 21:23:59

Helen is obviously caring for Henry and Rob and ... er ...

Actually, none of them actually seem to be doing anything much to sort out the shop, whether they wind it up or keep it going or what. How long before Pat signs Kirsty up again?

GypsyFloss Sat 04-Apr-15 21:26:29

I want to know how you do it DDD . How do you factor in us all going off piste with musical titles and songs or fishy references? Is it as simple as looking back and calculating an average number of posts and then adding in an extra few days for randomness or is it more woo than that? grin

GypsyFloss Sat 04-Apr-15 21:27:18

Forgot to say, I'm very impressed too!

minkGrundy Sat 04-Apr-15 21:37:35


Icimoi Sun 05-Apr-15 00:00:08

Congrats, Dad3. Did you work in a bit of prediction about the Brookfield saga coming to a head?

DadDadDad Sun 05-Apr-15 09:23:12

How did I do it? To be honest, mostly luck! But, in fact, although there can be bursts of rapid posting here, it's far outweighed by the steady days so there's a fairly stable rate, which...

Wait, where are you going? I've got lots more to say on the statistics... come back! confused


minkGrundy Sun 05-Apr-15 09:28:13

Archers blog has Kate's vegan Easter tips.

I cannot stand Kenton at the moment. When is someone going to tell him straight that he has been a monumental selfish arse. David didn't "promise" him anything.

Bluestocking Sun 05-Apr-15 10:04:31

I'm surprised by Jolene's behaviour. She's normally so positive and upbeat - I would have thought that after the first shock about the maxed-out credit cards and the state of the Bull, that she'd pull herself together and tell Kenton to get a grip? After all, most of the village are happy that the Dopeys are staying, and Jolene would understand that the landlord and landlady of the village pub can't afford to appear to be taking sides against the majority.

DoctorTwo Sun 05-Apr-15 10:50:52

In honour of the Grundys grin The actor playing Ed's good at deadpan isn't he?

ApplesinmyPocket Sun 05-Apr-15 10:59:08

Have you all seen @ThePlarchers (Ambridge Synthetics) this morning with the 'robotic' milking parlour - "“Just to imagine what Brookfield might look like in 20 years time” grin

Some other funny ones too. Thanks SO much whoever first put us on to that - it's terrific! flowers

ApplesinmyPocket Sun 05-Apr-15 11:04:38

Oh, and Heatherpet - "Me legs have seized up after all that time in the car!" grin

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