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"European Christmas Preparations"

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NetworkGuy Mon 22-Dec-14 04:15:43

Just been listening to a radio show from the USA ("Travel with Rick Steves") (came across it by chance, just looking at what a number of different NPR {National Public Radio} stations were playing).

Anyway, it covered some of the different European celebrations and might be of interest to some youngsters, too, of course. You should be able to find it on the TuneIn radio app website - check > here <

(if anyone is looking at this in 2015, you'll need to look for the 21/12 broadcast)

Feel free to mention it on _chat or other topics if you listen and found it of interest. That website will show a load of past episodes, and since Europe is a popular destination for Americans, there may be topics of wider (MN) interest too...

sockmatcher Mon 22-Dec-14 04:33:17

Thank you. My DS (y2) HSS been doing about Xmas throughout the world so will listen to this with him.

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