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"And on the 5Live website 'in short' section..." ARGH!

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RocknRollNerd Mon 13-Oct-14 16:42:34

I have a love hate relationship with 5Live at the best of times - some of it is good, they are pretty good when there's a breaking story and I have a lot of time for John Pienaar and the Film Review show in particular but this 'in short' trailing is driving me mad!

Why are they doing it - I don't want them to tell me about video clips I can see on the website, I'm listening in the car. You're a sodding radio station, if I wanted a pictures I'd watch TV/read a newspaper. It is fast going to rival their obsession with vox pops 'text us your views and we'll share them on air' as the thing which pisses me off the most and will finally drive me away.


MillyMollyMama Mon 13-Oct-14 23:13:39

We all want different things don't we? I hate the ranting on the film review. Cannot stand it and it ruins Friday afternoons. Don't care about videos and advertising for people who might want it as they listen on their computers. I send in texts to them and they sometimes read them out. I quite like that. As I said, we are all different so if you hate it, you can always find Radio 4.

RocknRollNerd Wed 15-Oct-14 08:59:56

Fair point, I do switch to R4 at times but I like the greater mix of news (and the increased amount of sports news in particular) on 5Live, R4 is great, particularly to switch to in a morning when Nicky Campbell is being a prat. I think what has been bugging me is they've trailed a couple of quite interesting 'in short' bits the other week that I'd have liked them to cover on the radio rather than cutting back to 'more of your texts'.

NetworkGuy Sun 19-Oct-14 02:38:46

I find it ridiculous that a big proportion of the Five Live shows are also available on webcam...

I think watching paint dry is about as interesting, and wonder who decided this was worth doing, and, well, just why ?

aoife24 Fri 28-Nov-14 22:35:00

Radio 5 got a bit too blokey for me in the end and all the sport chat does my head in . I only listen to Mayo and Kermode now (yes, men, I know), live not the podcast, all that guff from listeners emails is dire.

nettie Sat 29-Nov-14 10:38:00

Like the mixture of sport and news, no issue with the film show, hate the magazine/sensationlist stuff and really hate the text in/online/webcam stuff.

Don't find it blokey at all, but must admit find most of the women on it annoying now, not upto the standard of Sheila, Jane Garvey or Fi Glover.

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