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Slipping. Afternoon Drama R4.

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ZeroSomeGameThingy Tue 02-Sep-14 11:50:24

Was anyone else listening to this yesterday?

Because Anderw Scott was in it I'm finding it impossible to judge whether the play was actually just above average or totally, impossibly brilliant - as it appeard to me.

TheTravellingLemon Thu 04-Sep-14 10:31:54

I wasn't listening, but I love an afternoon drama. I'll definitely check it outvon iplayer if it's still available.

ZeroSomeGameThingy Thu 04-Sep-14 10:57:52

Oh, do.

(If Mr Scott's voice does not turn your brain to jelly you might be able to provide a balanced critique of the script.)

TheTravellingLemon Thu 04-Sep-14 15:11:25

I just listened and I thought it was great - a return to form. I feel like the afternoon dramas have gone off the boil a bit recently. Thanks for the heads up!

ZeroSomeGameThingy Thu 04-Sep-14 16:18:08

It's a pleasure.

PseudoBadger Thu 04-Sep-14 16:19:18

Just listened, thanks! I agree about the voice, not having watched much Sherlock I haven't encountered him before.

ZeroSomeGameThingy Thu 04-Sep-14 16:38:10

He was stunning in Sherlock, always the most magnetic person on screen, despite the competition. Can't wait for the new series. (Though I was grievously disapponted that he didn't become the 12th Doctor...)

But for all that I think I like him even more on radio.

(It was a very good play....)

TheTravellingLemon Thu 04-Sep-14 18:35:39

I am a fan of PC though, I think he'll make a great doctor.

Big fan of Sherlock too, but I love good radio. I sometimes feel like it's my secret. I don't know anyone in RL who listens to the radio other than for music. I've tried and tried to get DH to listen but with llittle success. He'll just about sit through Just a Minute, but that's about the extent of it!

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