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OMG ELIZABETH AND ROY???!!! Obviously I haven't been keeping up!

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MsAstronaut Wed 27-Aug-14 14:36:19

OK I know it's my fault, my busy life means I have let the Archers slip, but I've been a longtime fan. I was just in the car (am not usually at Archers time) and I heard ELIZABETH shagging ROY? shurely some mistake? I thought it must be Dead Ringers at first! grin

Someone with the patience, can you fill me in a bit, as I don't have time to catch up on all the back episodes... what about lovely Hayley? I thought Roy was a good'un? How old are they both, I still think of Roy as really young...

<still in shock>

AllMimsyWereTheBorogoves Wed 27-Aug-14 14:47:05

Hi, Ms. There's a [[ big long running thread ] you might like to join but for now:

Roy persuaded Elizabeth to have a music festival at Lower Loxley. It turns out that unbeknown to the listeners he is a great connoisseur of music festivals and could set one up from a standing start in a few months. hmm

A few weeks ago the two of them went off to another festival so she could see what it was like. They got very drunk and ended up exchanging bodily fluids over the airways. It was gross. shock

Since then, Roy has told her repeatedly that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, too bad about Hayley and the girls, and until now she has fobbed him off. But after shagfest #2 suddenly she's saying 'Yes, me too, but of course it can never be in the real world'. hmm

It is all nauseating and it's come completely out of the blue - no long build up about married life getting stale or anything like that. Poor Hayley is aware that something is wrong but Roy has just said it's work stress. Coward. angry

Roy and Hayley are in their 30s. Roy born 1978, Hayley about the same, I think.

Happy listening!

AllMimsyWereTheBorogoves Wed 27-Aug-14 14:47:51

Sigh. Let's try that link again:

big long running thread

MsAstronaut Wed 27-Aug-14 14:50:18

Mimsy thank you v much, that was perfect! I'll look at the thread too.

I checked on the Archers website and the age gap isn't quite as drastic as I thought, around 10 years. But STILL! <cat's bum mouth>

R4 Wed 27-Aug-14 23:36:48

Oooh, cat's bum mouth is good.
Tell me, MsAstronaut, what do you think of the Helen / Rob relationship?
<lights blue touch paper>

ohbladee Thu 28-Aug-14 00:10:12

Is Elizabeth a lot older then?

I'm new to The Archers. The sex noises are making me envy

Camsie30 Thu 28-Aug-14 00:14:31


MsAstronaut Thu 28-Aug-14 11:44:04

Ha ha well as I've not heard much in the last coupe of months, I don't know if it's taken any unexpected turns, but what I've heard of Rob & Helen has been brilliant. I like that they're covering emotional abuse/controlling relationships and doing it very realistically. But it's the ultimate feminist challenge to try to drum up some sympathy for Helen blush

The Archers has always been great at creating absolutely despicable characters, they are a joy to behold. Helen and Tom were two of the best! Then they sneakily start making you feel a bit sorry for them. Gah.

MsAstronaut Thu 28-Aug-14 11:45:07

I grew up with the Archers and always thought Elizabeth was older than me and would now be in her 50s, but actually (according to the website) she's only two years older than me so 46/47.

NetworkGuy Fri 26-Sep-14 20:43:21

re age of Elizabeth - not sure I was listening that much when they must have been going out / getting married, but she would not have had he responsibilities of running Lower Loxley while Nigel and his Mum were doing so.

In her 20s, early 30s there'd have been social events (with her family), "the children" (not heard all that much) to distract her, more than Nigel, and before / during their arrival, concerns about her health (heart problem, or something)...

So her low age when she got to 'running' LL, with Nigel, would not have been noticed that much, I suspect, if it makes you feel any better MsA.


BasketzatDawn Sat 27-Sep-14 15:25:14

There are others on MN with more encyclopaedic memories of Archers events. But I seem to recall before Elizabeth and Nigel got together she worked at LL in a management role. There was an incident with a rocking horse - and a clinch whilst both were on that rocking horse. Which I think was the beginning of the non-platonic relationship between Elizabeth and Nigel.

However, E also did some sort of management consultancy work. So maybe not continuously at LL??? I recall her getting too close to a client and Nigel being perturbed. But it wasn't in the league of Roy with Elizabeth as I don't think any bodily fluids were exchanged.

So Elizabeth was clearly 'managerial' from the outset. Isn't it the case that managers like officers of the law are getting younger these days? wink

I'm happy to be corrected on all of this.

RabbitOfNegativeEuphoria Fri 07-Nov-14 09:02:16

Elizabeth is the same age as me. She had some kind of PR company even after she was married to Nigel and gave it up to concentrate on LL when she was about 30. There was some business with, as you say, a client and a parachute jump. It wasn't hugely long after that that she got up the duff with the twins. She's had a reasonable sized role in the goings on since she was in her teens. There was all that business with being a stroppy teen and then Cameron whatsisname.

SonorousBip Fri 07-Nov-14 09:09:31

Ooh yes, Cameron, those were the days. Didn't he leave her on the hard shoulder or at a motorway service station or something?

Years ago I was having lunch somewhere and there were very familiar voices at the next table - it was Nigel and Elzabeth IN REAL LIFE!! They looked like they were having a nice time and were good friends (no innuendo intended - just they seemed quite comfortable in each other's company).

RabbitOfNegativeEuphoria Fri 07-Nov-14 09:10:43

Service station I think.

I always loved Nigel. He was too good for Elizabeth. He should have married Shula.

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