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Come and play Grand Theft Combine through the quiet Ambridge streets. And by the way, ROB IS STILL MARRIED.

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PseudoBadger Sun 03-Aug-14 12:20:11

Bolloxfest is imminent. Will this thread make it to the big day?

ZeroSomeGameThingy Sun 03-Aug-14 13:01:32

"Oh no - that's Jess under the combine!"
"Never mind - saves on the divorce fees."
"Now I wonder if The Midnight Shamblers will be available for the wake?"
"Sorry Roy, we already have a full quota of waiting staff."
"What do you mean Charlie - why can't she be buried till after harvest?"
"Fallon! Do you think you could upcycle deceased person....?"

Festival music...


BuildYourOwnSnowman Sun 03-Aug-14 13:04:52

My vote is for the midnight walkers to find themselves under the combine

Maybe Charlie will push Adam too far and he will go on a murderous joyride

Given how old Adam and David are I would expect from their reaction to Charlie that he be the same age or older. Didn't he have a hubba hubba moment when he saw lizzie?

BuildYourOwnSnowman Sun 03-Aug-14 13:07:29

So I think Susan is going to either beg Jennifer for an invite or nag Chris about it.

Surely Jenny put an RSVP and would be chasing up by now?

StandsOnGoldenSands Sun 03-Aug-14 13:28:20

Marking place...

R4, in answer to your last point on the old thread, quite a few characters seem to be stuck at a certain pint in time. Jenny and Lil are both at least a decade older than they are played. They're in their 70s I think! Perhaps the new scriptwriters will have a clear out of the oldies. As you say, Adam and his generation should be the middle aged ones now.

StandsOnGoldenSands Sun 03-Aug-14 13:28:42

Certain point! Ffs.

ZeroSomeGameThingy Sun 03-Aug-14 13:35:41

No - I think Lillian probably is stuck at a certain pint in time...grin

StandsOnGoldenSands Sun 03-Aug-14 13:42:07

Hehe! A pint of gin probably.... Wonderful as a preservative, is gin.

Lilymaid Sun 03-Aug-14 14:10:31

To mark place I have questions:
If weather was good enough for harvest, had it changed by the time the boiler suit went in the wash ... Why did Emma want to tumble dry it (though I suppose poor Em n Ed aren't currently paying for electricity)?
Was the invitation in the pocket?

BuildYourOwnSnowman Sun 03-Aug-14 14:28:12

I think the invite was in the pocket

They do need to shift the focus because the current crop of 'middle aged' should be dying soon!

How old is Jenny? Is Debbie the oldest child?

ZeroSomeGameThingy Sun 03-Aug-14 14:42:03

Jennifer born 1945.

Adam is her oldest child - she was never married to his father. She had Debbie with her first husband and then Kate and Alice with Brian.

nauticant Sun 03-Aug-14 15:08:17


ppeatfruit Sun 03-Aug-14 15:45:48

Some of us oldies are lasting a lot longer than they used to you know BuildYourOwngrin Look at the rolling bones!! I'm much younger than them and they're still going !

Ref. the Combine; How come with it's sophistication the alarm went AFTER it had bunged up, how many thousands did they pay for it? Oh sorry thanks for the new thread psuedo grin

GypsyFloss Sun 03-Aug-14 15:55:43

Thanks for the new thread and fab name Pseudo. Still not able to listen here so relying on all you lot to keep me up to speed.

BuildYourOwnSnowman Sun 03-Aug-14 16:07:36

True - I just don't see the where the next generation of matriarchs are. There seem to be a lot round Jill's kids age but not many 10-20 years you get who look like filling the gap

toldmywrath Sun 03-Aug-14 16:14:25

Thanks Pseudo I like your style.
On the previous thread someone mentioned kitting out Fallon's new café -I read it as knitting. I like the idea of the roving Cat & Fiddle and that people on this thread know how to spell lasso

ZeroSomeGameThingy Sun 03-Aug-14 16:33:01

Hmm ... It's a good point.

Phoebe, Lily and first Pip all have the makings of a matriarch - if such a person will be recognisable in their world. (I particularly see Lily ousting her brother from the helm of Lower Loxley when he runs away to do something cerebral)

But amongst the 30 - 40 year olds? They've concentrated a lot of time on Helen (doormat) and Fallon but got rid, for now, of Brenda and Kirsty. They have no idea what to do with Alice. Leonie possibly - once she decides to bring Rupert to live in Ambridge. Coriander.... Amy... Ah, Nic and Emma of course. Either of them could develop leadership qualities if they were allowed to submit themselves to the subversive influence of further education.

If only Kate could return with her entire family!

BuildYourOwnSnowman Sun 03-Aug-14 16:58:15

Lily will have to take on lower loxley as Freddie is going to be in some cave in Pakistan

I can see Chris and Alice as a power couple if they stop making her so wet

Dan will come back married And they will be a core couple

I guess josh and Ben and Jamie too

Going to be a lot of new women brought in

Pip will probably get married off to farmer boy and go there leaving a son to run home farm

Eastpoint Sun 03-Aug-14 17:21:29

I agree they haven't let Adam grow up enough, but maybe that's what happens if you come back from working abroad to a job with your step father under the management of your younger half sister? He hasn't actually had to grow beyond the levels of responsibility you'd expect of someone in their mid-late 20s. I guess he & Ian both work long hours but it's surprising they don't have a pet of some variety.

Swannykazoo Sun 03-Aug-14 17:25:00

ppeatfruit v good point about the supersophisticated combine without any warning lights...and also about the tumble dryer lilymaid though I did wonder if Susan doesn't have a line in case people see her smalls!

Lilymaid Sun 03-Aug-14 17:27:52

And why was Charlie on the phone to friends when Adam went to see him. Surely his mantra is that work is for work ...?

R4 Sun 03-Aug-14 17:39:39

Charlie wasn't chatting to a friend (do you think he actually has any?) he was networking.

PseudoBadger Sun 03-Aug-14 17:52:02

Do you think Susan has a bog brush? And I bet she keeps her fairy liquid in a cupboard under the sink.

nauticant Sun 03-Aug-14 17:58:58

I've come across Charlie-types at work. I've seen some flit with their MBAs into my extremely niche area and, completely clueless, they've grasped it all in a couple of months when it's taken the rest of us years and years.

My instinct has been to hate them but often I've been impressed by some remarkably sharp people. Especially since the really good ones aren't interested in office politics but instead are after stacking up a load of well-executed high profile projects that everyone will admire.

Footle Sun 03-Aug-14 18:09:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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