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I was on Womans Hour today!! How vair exciting :)

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lynniep Mon 07-Jul-14 14:23:48

Feel free to discuss the pros and cons of wraparound care.

But mostly just listen appreciatively to my 'dulcet' tones at about 11.54 minutes here LOL

Things to do before I'm 40 bucket list - get on the radio - check!

(actually this was never on my list - I was hijacked by the reporter at the out of school club door and sort of prompted into responding to questions whilst simultaneously trying to make sure my eldest had all his belongings and checking over my shoulder that DS2 was ok waiting in the car)

R4 Tue 08-Jul-14 09:07:34


My sister is on the radio a fair bit but it's local radio in a very, erm, local area. Nothing like being on radio 4 on WH - that's vair exciting.grin

TheWave Tue 08-Jul-14 09:13:28

I heard that yesterday well done!

I always wonder how they choose where to turn up for these sort of items.

R4 Tue 08-Jul-14 09:32:49

I always wonder how they choose where to turn up for these sort of items.

Oooh, don't get me started.angry Lazy journalists usually rock up to the nearest pub / railway station / school so "vox pop" is usually "vox Londinium".

lynniep Tue 08-Jul-14 14:35:05

I have no clue why they chose our totally random primary school in Cambridgeshire. Maybe she had some mates to visit that live nearby and she thought she could fit a visit in that day as well?!

I thought it was a bit mean to pounce on unsuspecting parents though - quite literally in the doorway - and I'm hardly going to say 'out of school club is cr*p' when the manager is also stood right next to me.

Its a good job I actually do think its a well run club. I sound fairly normal thank goodness but I don't sound anything like me - DH said I put a posh voice on "you normally speak like you're well rough" - but I didn't do it on purpose!

RomanMum Sun 13-Jul-14 18:54:16

My friend's husband is the head - nice surprise to hear him on the radio! Interesting article and it sounds like a well run club with happy engaged children.

lynniep Mon 14-Jul-14 10:05:25

Mr Shepherd is great - he's a real asset to the school and is not just the head teacher but a parent. His son is in DS1's year. The kids love the club. DS1 asks me frequently if he can go there instead of being picked up by me. DS2 is chomping at the bit to start (will be reception this year) and is already well known by the staff as he scoots in there whenever he gets the opportunity!

There was a lot of negative stuff following the interview section about how children are exhausted and ridiculous stuff about working parents being 'robots'. I chose to turn that off after a short while. As a working parent, and I know that my children are in the best place possible, and somewhere that they love being. The children get to play with a wider age range than normal, and do lots of fun activities.

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