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00:00-05:00 Radio 2 changes...

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NetworkGuy Mon 23-Jun-14 04:13:59

Daft idiot controlling R2, 6Music and a heap of other jobs (no doubt earning a massive salary), has decided to cut live programming so there will be repeats of other shows in the slot from 03:00 to 05:00 and they've effectively cut the weekend shows by Richard Allinson (but keeping him on a zero hours contract to "fill in" when they want).

I bet the budget for the BBC has increased the portion spent on Sports coverage, while night shift workers and drivers etc, who are regular listeners in the late night / early morning slot are being given a big V sign... not important enough in listener numbers, I bet!

Damn "we know best" BBC.

poppyamm Wed 02-Jul-14 19:35:20

I totally agree.
Please sign online petition to save Richard Allinson weekend shows if you have not already done so and/or retweet to friends.
Richard is a great dj and is a loss to Radio 2 and will be missed by his listeners. If they cut the pay of the celeb djs the weekend shows would be saved. Thanks

NetworkGuy Fri 26-Sep-14 14:08:42

Online petition ? Sorry. I'm much too late (having heard mention of some date in October recently)... just came back to Radio Addicts today after a gap from regular reading.

NetworkGuy Fri 26-Sep-14 14:10:31

PS Agree that if there was less spent on some celebs it'd make a difference... (but I could equally argue a 20% cut in whatever is spent on sports rights across TV and Radio would likely make a massive difference to what else could be afforded).

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