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Generation Right

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RosegoldRuby Tue 17-Jun-14 08:59:26

I found it appalling. Ffs I hope they're not truly representative of their generation.
Where do they get their ideas from? Benefits claimants have 15 children and are scamming the system. There is no gain to the country generally from a well-educated work force. And on and on sounding like a youthful version of the Daily Mail.
Most of them sounded truly ignorant of the real world. Depressing.

fuckinglondonballs Tue 17-Jun-14 08:51:09

I don't know why I'm being so polite - they ARE thick.

fuckinglondonballs Tue 17-Jun-14 08:50:23

Yes I thought it was interesting too.

I'd sort of assumed that austerity, cuts, huge uni fees etc would have made young people think 'what's the gov done for me' - and it has but it's made them think they don't need the gov/state whereas I thought they'd be anti it/angry and indeed more left wing.

What I did think though was that many comments meant they sounded quite thick - very misinformed, wilfully ignorant. Much like older benefit bashing right wingers really.

ethelb Tue 17-Jun-14 08:18:01

Funny, seeing as I dont think the last generation did a great job of it to be honest. At least today's right wingers are honest and call themselves that rather than pumping up house prices, destroying training and shining their little lefty halos while they were at it.

Cherrypi Tue 17-Jun-14 08:06:27

Anyone catch this on radio 4 yesterday? I thought it was fascinating and really helped explain why I see so much benefit bashing etc on Facebook. Bit scary that this generation and the next will be in charge of the country when I'm old.

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