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Children's Radio?

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ArtFine Tue 20-May-14 13:29:59


Are there any radio stations that run childrens programmes? Possibly play some nursery rhymes? smile

thegambler Wed 11-Jun-14 23:31:31

BBC radio player.

nannynick Sun 17-Aug-14 12:01:21

On DAB (London area) there is FunKids. Commercial station aimed at children. You can listen online FunKids Live

BBC have Podcasts which includes CBeebies Radio.

Playtime and Listen and Play are aimed at under 5's.

BBC School Radio has various things that can be played online. Can't work out how to download alas.
Early Learning: Nursery Songs

Theas18 Sun 17-Aug-14 23:55:36

Radio 4 extra ( previously radio 7) is one of the best for tweens/ older primary- eg Richard Hammond is reading the sequel to chitty chitty bang bang this week.

nannynick Fri 22-Aug-14 22:01:03

Coming up on Radio4 Extra this Sunday (and presumably the following 4 Sunday's) is Children's Hour.

Children's Hour - affectionate look back at Childen's Hour, which ran from 1922 to 1964 on the BBC Home Service. May have some long forgotten stories for young children.

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