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Anyone else listen to Nick Abbot?

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discophile Sat 26-Apr-14 21:53:00

He was VERY funny last night. Not sure he can top it tonight. For those that don't know, it's 10pm - 1am every Friday and Saturday night on LBC. LBC has recently gone national. I know I sound like an ad. He's probably a bit of a acquired taste but it's worth a go. Anyone else listen to him?

MiloSimpson Sat 26-Apr-14 22:26:35

I love listening to him - he's v amusing

Icimoi Sun 27-Apr-14 21:08:54

I listen to him really only if I'm driving when he's on. I agree, he's one of the best people on LBC, wish they'd boot that idiot Ferrari and give Nick Abbot more time instead.

somedizzywhore1804 Sun 27-Apr-14 21:11:43

He's nuts- in the best possible way. Me and DH love his sound effects. Clearly he has a cult following. Whenever we are driving on a Friday or Saturday night we make sure to tune in.

agnescrumplebottom Tue 06-May-14 19:53:34

Nick Abbott makes LBC. I love the sound effects, especially the happy Birthday one! Did you listen to him when he had a duck lay eggs on his balcony.. grin

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