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Barchester Towers

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Cooroo Sat 08-Feb-14 17:52:51

Anyone listening to this? It's one of my all-time favourite books so I would expect to be a little disappointed. Not a bad dramatisation overall - apart from the weird woman narrating it, which should be the 'voice of Trollope'. A few characters lost which is understandable when you have to abridge. Lots to smile at though.

ThoughtFox Mon 10-Feb-14 17:44:28

Yes, I'm really confused by the narrator, but assumed it was because I came in half-way through. Isn't Slope wonderfully slimey!

Cooroo Tue 11-Feb-14 06:43:00

He's horrendous! Poor Eleanor! I think she's giving a nicely spirited l performance.

I love the Stanhopes, though sorry they had to write out Charlotte -it first really make sense Eleanor spending so much time with just the woman-hating Madeleine and the predatory Bertie.

If you ever get the chance listen to the unabridged audio book by Timothy West, it is just about perfect.

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