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Infinite Monkey Cage...

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LovelyMarchHare Fri 09-Aug-13 06:56:20

I can't stand it. Actually for such a wonderful overall product R4 does have some pisspoor comedy. In fact, I think there is a whole episode of Feedback on that very subject (tonight maybe).

Cooroo Fri 09-Aug-13 06:39:55

I download the podcasts but haven't listened to much of this series yet. Not sure it always works but I do enjoy it. It hovers between science and comedy which is a good thing to try.

I do remember an excellent episode with Patrick
Stewart. DP and I saw Robon Ince live and he was excellent. I like that they constantly take the piss out of Brian.

Discolite Wed 31-Jul-13 22:18:25

I don't like it either. Robin Ince doesn't have a science degree and has just jumped on the popular science bandwagon which winds me up. I just can't get on with Prof Cox's voice. So, despite being an ardent radio 4 fan and a science teacher I can't be arsed with it.

curlew Wed 31-Jul-13 11:04:55

.....anyone else really disappointed? It's so trivial and shallow. All those fantastic people who could tell us all sorts of fantastic stuff, and the minute the start it gets deflected into a lame joke.

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