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Who thinks The Archers scriptwriters are MNers?

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Homebird8 Sat 03-Aug-13 07:39:51

No pombears in TA though.

Brillig Thu 01-Aug-13 22:53:43

I maintain that the SWs do have some awareness of MN. A few weeks ago when Tony was giving Oliver some lunch, I distinctly heard him say 'we've got some naice ham.'

I rest my case.

TheYamiOfYawn Thu 01-Aug-13 20:18:36

If they were they might have listened to our pleas not to ruin it. I have listened to the Archers all my life. When DD was a newborn, I would feed her to sleep at 7, and she always calmed down to the familiar music that she knew from the womb. But over the past couple of years, some time after Nigel fell off the roof, I drifted away, and now listen only once twice a month at most.

JollyGolightly Thu 01-Aug-13 19:49:04

TA would be worlds better if they were.

TallGiraffe Thu 01-Aug-13 16:07:23

Definitely not! MNers understand pregnancy and child development!

minkembernard Thu 01-Aug-13 10:09:07

I did wonder what happened with that. they were definitely building up to a story and then suddenly...dead.
and it is hard to see how that story will come to any conclusion now unless there are more revelations to come from his ex wife.

Homebird8 Wed 31-Jul-13 11:20:07

I forgot. The worst thing that can happen in Ambridge is paint in the flower arrangement when it looks like milk.

Somethingyesterday Tue 30-Jul-13 22:47:36

They are very clearly not Mners.

We have done our best to guide and encourage... If they had been reading the threads things would have been oh so different.

And yes, the Paul story was a waste. And Mners do not approve of waste.

Homebird8 Tue 30-Jul-13 02:51:10

After all we have red flag after red flag at the moment with Paul and Lilian, Matt and Lilian, Helen and Rob, Rob and Jess...

I just can't imagine why they chickened out of taking the Paul and Lilian story to its full extent. If they were going to follow up with such a similar storyline it seems madness.

Perhaps the editor doesn't get the MN concept.

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