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Shame on them...

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NetworkGuy Mon 15-Jul-13 22:18:46

Was a little surprised that Frankie Boyle was back on the BBC (R4 "It's Not What You Know" Tuesday last week).

I didn't listen to it until about 4am today, and it seemed tame and uncontroversial (I was yawning, I must admit, and thinking how I should take the computer gear in from the back garden, too!) but one or two comments were made (as if there was some special 'shock value' in having him on)...

Clearly there was a little 'shock value' (prompting me to post) as I've never been a massive fan - like a number of other comedians (and not all new... Ben Elton has been rather offensive over the years, too) - so I wondered whether anyone else actually noticed... or not.

Clearly The Archers has been taking much attention of late, and not just the R4 content but 4 Extra, too.

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