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paul **Spoiler alert**

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heghog Fri 07-Jun-13 01:57:16

wasn't expecting that...

piprabbit Fri 07-Jun-13 02:05:07

Spoiler alert! angry.

Maybe ask MNHQ to amend your title or delete the thread?

Panzee Fri 07-Jun-13 10:08:31

Spoiler alert? Wasn't it on last night?

mummytime Fri 07-Jun-13 10:16:07

Some people don't listen until the repeat or the Omnibus.

Panzee Fri 07-Jun-13 10:21:27

But that's still not a spoiler. I don't often listen till the omnibus (or weeks later on a podcast) but that's my lookout.

Thisisaeuphemism Fri 07-Jun-13 10:23:30


heghog Fri 07-Jun-13 14:17:31

its fair enough until after the omnibus.

anyway Matt clearly did not know in advance. so was he killed as a result of Matt's thugs or just coincidence?

how is Matt going to treat puss?

tbh i am bit miffed that they did not develop his nasty nice thing for a bit longer to see if Lill would kick him into touch...

RocknRollNerd Fri 07-Jun-13 17:55:41

I always assumed the etiquette is not to put spoilers in thread titles as then people can't avoid them when they're looking at the main page. I tend to listen to 3 episodes at a time as podcasts in the car and I know to steer clear of the content of the threads until I'm having a 'listening in real time' phase.

I presume we have Olivia to thank for changing the title? Wherever there is discussion of The Archers of The West Wing she's always there... grin

Panzee Fri 07-Jun-13 18:50:52

I really like how they did it. Puss will be attempting to grieve in private and maybe Matt will never know, as I don't think he knew who it was? An interesting dimension.

heghog Fri 07-Jun-13 19:44:56

he did know. he asked someone to beat him up.

Matt is playing a very strange game.
(and i asked for title change but i was half expecting Olivia to have got there first grin)

RhinestoneCowgirl Fri 07-Jun-13 19:53:08

I think Matt has been giving Lillian chance to tell him, especially in this evening's ep.

And after all, even if she spills the beans there's no way he's going to leave her, their business affairs are tied up too tightly...

Panzee Fri 07-Jun-13 21:19:16

But did he know he was his half brother? I only started listening during the last stint and Matt was in prison. I know Lil found out who he was but did Matt know?

omletta Fri 07-Jun-13 21:23:43

Yes Matt knew he was his half brother but didn't want to know him.

Panzee Fri 07-Jun-13 21:25:24

Ok thanks. I only just started listening round then.

lljkk Fri 07-Jun-13 21:28:04

Matt said he found out because of phone call from his niece; WHY would the niece phone Matt?!

I'm sure Paul committed suicide or had a heart attack.

piprabbit Fri 07-Jun-13 21:39:45

Because most people would let relatives know about the death of a sibling, even if things were rocky.

I think it might be suicide too - does anyone know why he was in Cardiff?

PrincessFiorimonde Fri 07-Jun-13 23:08:12

Matt was going to Cardiff on a job.

I hadn't thought about suicide. But he'd left a message for Lilian, hadn't he, saying he must meet her Monday (was it Monday? confused) as he had something important to tell her. Presumably he meant the attack by Matt's goon.

I think Matt and Paul did meet after Matt got out of prison, but didn't take to each other - jealousy over Lilian, I guess. Or have I just made up that memory? grin

LondonMother Sat 08-Jun-13 09:43:22

Paul was going to Cardiff, I think you mean. Didn't Darrell say Paul had died of a heart attack? I have blanked a lot of this story from my memory because I've found it far too drawn out and repetitive, but yes, I think Matt and Paul did meet and didn't get on. Matt knew straight away that Lilian had been attracted to Paul, although he's never told her as much, as far as I can recall. I wonder where this will go next? If Lilian ever finds out about The Hired Thug, surely that's the end for Pusscat and Tiger, Amside Holdings or no Amside Holdings.

PrincessFiorimonde Sat 08-Jun-13 10:06:04

Yes, meant Paul! blush

lljkk Sat 08-Jun-13 10:38:49

I was under impression that Matt had never had any direct contact with Paul. Matt made it clear they weren't his family, seems odd that the niece should see things differently.

HomelessAngua Sat 08-Jun-13 18:51:07

I hope that is the last SATTC move , all very very silly.

heghog Sun 09-Jun-13 01:12:47

i know Paul contacted lillion because he wanted to meet Matt. lillian really want them to meet but Matt was not keen. cannot remember if they ever did meet though but do recall Matt being adamant he did not want to keep in touch and him and puss arguing about it.

BoreOfWhabylon Sun 09-Jun-13 01:43:21

Yes, that was because after Lillian traced Matt's mother and they eventually went to meet her, she didn't want to know, so Matt washed his hands of the whole family.

ppeatfruit Wed 12-Jun-13 11:27:44

Yes well it gave Lil a go at the histrionics didn't it? I 'm not quite sure why she's sooo cut up he was being a real shit. IIWM Id be relieved (she was about to or actually had called it off hadn't she?). Matt is being his extremely devious self winding her up "It must be so sad to die alone" She needs to get rid of him as well IMO!

Soo whats going to happen about the 'flat' eh?

BoreOfWhabylon Wed 12-Jun-13 11:39:47

Not sure if it is bought or rented? I bet Lil will try to salvage the Lovely Painting they bought together though.

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