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Right. I have two practical Archers questions that are really bothering me...

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seeker Mon 27-May-13 08:12:56

1. Why do Pat and Helen never do the milking at Bridge Farm? Never? Even when it was a real problem after Tony's heart attack?

2. How on earth can Hayley and Mike's egg business be worth £4000? What is Josh actually buying?

lottiegarbanzo Tue 28-May-13 11:55:30

Ooh, insight Olivia. I thought they must pay them all retainer, then piece-work. I'd assumed the rotation between characters was just a natural consequence of focusing on a few story lines at a time. You mean Usha is 'resting'? Wonders if there is a drop-in job club for resting Ambridge actors...

Ponders Tue 28-May-13 12:08:02

they mostly do a lot of other work - eg Ruth & David do a lot of voice-overs (plus he's an Earl grin), you sometimes hear Usha & Oliver & Jolene on other R4 progs, Brian gets masses of TV/radio work & appears on panel shows, & as for Debbie & Kate...!

Ponders Tue 28-May-13 12:08:29

oh, & the original Emma is a well-established film actor now

Ponders Tue 28-May-13 12:13:10

'Charlotte Connor, when not playing Susan Carter (credited as Charlotte Martin), works full-time as a senior research psychologist at the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation; her office is a short walk from BBC Birmingham thus she is able to fit her work around recordings' (from wiki)


lottiegarbanzo Tue 28-May-13 12:43:16

Oh yes and David is/was the voice of 'mind the gap' on the London underground. Ruth does radio documentaries and interviews, I know about Debbie, what does Kate do?

Still like the idea of them all sitting around at job club, drinking cheap coffee and circling ads in the acting press.

Ponders Tue 28-May-13 13:27:26

Kate was me Julie in the first Ali G film. that's probably her biggest role ever though - in 2002 - oh dear!

Startail Tue 28-May-13 13:37:03

Nope, and the gentleman with the hens, chases me with change if I try to give him a pound for six eggs.

Ponders Tue 28-May-13 13:40:42

Do they have 100s of hens & a shop contract???

seeker Tue 28-May-13 15:37:23

Mike sells some eggs on the milk round. I think they supply the community shop and Helen's shop as well. Don't know where else they sell- it can't be a massive business surely as Hayley works full time at Lower Loxley and she's got the two girls.

piprabbit Tue 28-May-13 15:40:32

There was mention of them supplying eggs to a hotel (Grey Gables?) during all the exciting business negotiations.

LondonMother Tue 28-May-13 15:48:06

I think Pat spends six hours a day meticulously scrubbing up before she can enter the dairy. (It was Clarrie's failure to do this that led to the E Coli disaster.) Hence her inability to find time to do the milking.

OliviaMMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 28-May-13 16:20:29

Kate was also on tv in the upper hand a gazillionaire years ago

Interesting on egg prices (am not in London, based on free range hobbyist prices at private houses in herts )

CuttedUpPear Tue 28-May-13 16:55:35

Ponders, Susan is a "senior research psychologist" in RL???

Wonders will never cease!

R4 Tue 28-May-13 17:59:51

If your neighbours are charging £3.20 for a dozen eggs then I suggest that you are being skanked, Olivia. I can do you £2.70, that's a bargainatious 50p cheaper hides Aldi receipt for 95p a box.
Mind you it would be £3.20 for LARGE free-range eggs hides another Aldi receipt for a whopping £1 a box.

seeker Tue 28-May-13 18:05:15

Oh, bloody hell- I've just noticed the ghastly misplaced apostrophe in my thread title - as one Archers Addict to another, Olivia...................

Ambridge Tue 28-May-13 19:42:20

I'm sure I heard Kenton in the Sat and/or Sun Afternoon Play on R4, 'The Mask of Dimitrios', playing a Greek journo with a very fruity accent grin

And Brendurr has got a gig as the voice of L'Oreal. I keep hearing her on those ads for hair-dye. She doesn't sound quite so Mummerzet though.

Cutted and Ponders, I too am shockshockshock beyond belief at the revelation that Susan 'Radio' Carter is a senior research psychologist...

pegwin Wed 29-May-13 12:49:02

OK. I have another questions- what was the chocolate bar that Rhys mentioned that is so childish that Kenton cannot possibly be seen eating it in the street???

Pat also moans a lot, wrings her hands a fair bit and what exactly happened to that grandson she was so hell bent on seeing? been there moaned about that?
last time Kathy was on she was still moaning about Jamie's education but grudgingly admitting that he is working quite hard at the chainsaw thing.

theme of the week this week seems to be silage though. how many times can they mention silage? presumably enough to remind us that this is originally an agricultural info broadcast so, farmers, if you are listening, time to make your silage. silly ole faarmers if it wornt for the aaarchers they 'ud never remember.

OliviaMMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 29-May-13 13:48:02

wink Seeker

Pegwin - isn't it just that Jill would think it rude to eat in the street?

I saw Kenton on the stage - he was v good and luckily doing a yank accent so not too distracting

And i have heard Brenda on things - I think Kirsty did a travel/car insurance one too.

shock at Farm shop scams!

I am VERY grateful not to have heard Kathy moaning lately.

Could have done without the whole single wicket.

And how does Clarrie suddenly know so much about cricket - she is usually inside martyring herself doing the teas, isn't she?!

lottiegarbanzo Wed 29-May-13 14:05:40

Clarrie won the single wicket a few years ago smile

I missed the chocolate bar too (it can't be anything branded though, so maybe we didn't hear the name?). It was definitely its childish nature that was the initial cause of embarrassment. Jill then told him not to eat on the street too.

pegwin Wed 29-May-13 14:07:17

they did mentions skittles...but that was about the skittles team not being bowled over...did you see what they did there? grin

seeker Wed 29-May-13 15:36:08

Olivia- thank you!

LondonMother Wed 29-May-13 15:44:45

Richard Attlee who plays Kenton is the grandson of Prime Minister Clement Attlee. <Archers trivia geek>

PareyMortas Wed 29-May-13 15:53:00

I reckon the chocolate bar was a curly wurly.

Debbie is Tamsin Greg.

I too noticed the frequent mentions of silage, i think something's up.

Am still adjusting to the new Clarrie, she's not bedded in yet.

PareyMortas Wed 29-May-13 15:53:35

Oh and wasn't David Archer in the Politicians Wife t'other day?

SimoneDeBeaver Wed 29-May-13 16:15:46

Debbie is Tamsin Greig! <falls over>


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