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Women's Hour-is it duller and worthier than usual?

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ppeatfruit Wed 12-Jun-13 11:33:26

I agree Startail. I find the whole premise a bit hmm especially now. The 'sisterhood' thing has always annoyed me actually.

Startail Sun 09-Jun-13 22:10:52

Woman's hour has always been dull. Second and third rate interviewees chosen because they are women, not because you have ever heard of them or they have anything to say.

It's been an instant turn off as long as I can remember (and I've been a radio 4 listener since I was 12)

NotQuitePerfect Sun 09-Jun-13 22:06:50

Agree, agree, agree.

Used to hate missing an episode, always caught up on podcast, but recently just can't really be bothered. Yawn.

Yonionekanobe Mon 27-May-13 20:40:03

Completely agree. I download the podcasts and the last couple of weeks have been well below par.

R4 Thu 09-May-13 21:26:10

That's funny - I almost started a "isn't Woman's Hour boring these days" thread this very morning.

Mirage Thu 09-May-13 20:41:16

I listen to it while I'm at work and have done for years,but it seems to have gotten duller and more worthy than ever.On Tuesday Lionel Shriver contended that no one eats when they are hungry any more and that everyone has an unhealthy relationship with food/sedentary lifestyle these days.Followed by Joanna Lumley stating that we all had far too many bras in our drawers and should stop buying an entire new wardrobe every season.I don't do any of these things,neither do I know anyone who does.Today featured a singer who could barely string 2 words together.What is going on? It is really going downhill.

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