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Lady Lamb Killer gets her come-uppance

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GrendelsMum Wed 27-Mar-13 20:11:34

Hooray! Serves the sheepicide right.

heronsfly Mon 01-Apr-13 11:20:00

She is still being just as self centered and pompous, I think its time David and Roooothie showed Lady Lamb Killer Darling Pip the door,and slamed it loudly behind her grin.

R4 Tue 02-Apr-13 13:45:27

Another irritating storyline. If it was you, wouldn't you be befriending Spencer and getting him (plus attached Pip) helping out round at your farm so it's not all one-way traffic.

I want to do a Jim Borsetshire Life stylee quiz on Pip:
What's your favourite film?
Answer - Silence of the Lambs.
Favourite pop star?
Answer - Example

GrendelsMum Tue 02-Apr-13 17:09:03

grin at Silence of the Lambs

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