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something different for the weekend ?

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NetworkGuy Sun 20-Jan-13 19:14:41

Just to point out, especially for those with smartphones, that you can find a lot of variety / comedy from the USA, from PRI (Public Radio International) and NPR (National Public Radio).

Many stations (inc classical and jazz music, but mostly 'talk') take daily and weekly shows from one or both networks. Among the shows I've enjoyed for some time (and R4 listeners will have heard some of the "Prairie Home Companion" shows, perhaps) are (Michael Feldman's) "Whad'ya Know", "Mountain Stage", "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" (like R4 News Quiz), "West Coast Live" (on KALW and at

It has been some time since I arranged my weekend around listening to several shows one after another, because podcasts and archives allow many shows to be listened to when you have time.

If anyone is stuck on finding shows like these, I'll try to assist.

I found quite a few using a search on the TuneIn App for Android, and no doubt there's something similar for iPhones. Checking the NPR or PRI sites for their programme details will often lead to archives and sometimes get you stations playing certain shows live.

If you want to listen direct from a desktop or laptop, a handy resource is News/Talk stations from the Radio Directory. There are various ways they index the stations, and if you are after music you can often find very specific niche stations...

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