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Why doesn't Lillian just split from Matt?

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PrincessFiorimonde Mon 14-Jan-13 13:17:10

If she loves being with the terminally dull Paul so much, why doesn't she just tell Matt it's all over, ask him to leave and install Paul in Ambridge? It's her house, isn't it?

She's not tied to Matt through kids or financial necessity, and she doesn't seem to like him very much even when he's trying to be nice to her.

Is it just the thought of Peggy's cat's bum face that's stopping her?

ppeatfruit Thu 17-Jan-13 16:47:56

The near shag was in the Dower House and Lilian walked in just before they decided to go upstairs. IIRC.

GrendelsMum Thu 17-Jan-13 19:50:52

There's a few of us rooting for Elizabeth and Ifty after the New Year's Eye ball.

Yes, poor old Annabel never seems to meet anyone who isn't already married to an Archer.

ppeatfruit Thu 17-Jan-13 21:32:28

Ah grendel but Matt and Lilian are living together grin there's a chance for Annabel there. I 'd love to see lizzie and Ifty getting it together.

WhatSheSaid Fri 18-Jan-13 00:23:59

Oh but I don't really want to hear more of Lizzie, she's quite irritating too. And you can already tell Lily is going to be determined and feisty, just like her mother and Freddie's is going to be nice-but-dim, just like Nigel.

ArtexMonkey Fri 18-Jan-13 00:28:18

Oh I don't want to hear lizzie angsting about shagging someone else and saying "it's what Nigel would have wanted" five times an episode. And poor Kirsty, dumped again.

ppeatfruit Fri 18-Jan-13 08:40:07

artex Kirsty is not THAT keen on Ifty 'not husband material' she said. IMO Ifty is looking for the long haul which maybe Lizzie wouldn't be either hmm poor Ifty smile

Cooroo Fri 18-Jan-13 09:40:38

I find Paul very creepy. I don't think he could hold on to Lillian for long if they were together. I'm not a Matt fan but he's much better for her.

She was pathetic in Whitby, wasn't she?

Just checked and she is 65 - nice to know passionate flings can still happen at pension age. At least in TA.

GrendelsMum Fri 18-Jan-13 09:52:50

You know what, I'd adore it if Freddie turned out to be intelligent and academic and went to Cambridge to study maths. <fat chance for Son of Nigel>

Has anyone else been listening to the most recent AmEx story line? It's totally daft but I've really enjoyed it no end.

ppeatfruit Fri 18-Jan-13 10:08:14

Yes you never know though grin grendels I feel sorry for Freddie being bullied by his sister and 'pushed' by his Mum. I like the fact that Lizzie is so anxious about him; very understandable and sad

I did start listening to the Amex thing but it reminded me sooo much of the plot of a film with some old men doing a similar thing (Jim Broadbent etc.) that the laziness of the S.W's infuriated me and I couldn't listen any more grin!!!

seeker Fri 18-Jan-13 10:18:45

Are they setting us up for something dreadful happening with Bethany? Amy the wonder-midwife's on duty this qfternoon, isn't she? But surely a baby with Down's would be surrounded by paediatricians?

ppeatfruit Fri 18-Jan-13 10:23:12

OOh do you reckon? but she's 'sooo beautiful' you could be right! I'll never forget my MIL saying DD1 was 'too beautiful to live" shock [anger] she 33 BTW and very healthy grin

seeker Fri 18-Jan-13 10:26:07

She's also very sleepy, they keep saying. God, I can't cope with sad baby stories.....

OliviaPeacein2013Mumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 18-Jan-13 10:31:47

how OLD is Ifty?
And Kirsty for that matter?
I listen to Omnibus -has bethany been born then?

Whiteshoes Fri 18-Jan-13 10:33:13

Maybe she's dehydrated? (That's Bethany, not Lillian. She'll be alright on the gin, eh?) Isn't that what Vicky's worrying about latching is setting us up for? I can't understand how a midwife hadn't asked her about how b/f is going yet, nor checked what sort of nappies are being produced. Esp as I'm assuming Bethany will be getting more support. A sleepy, not feeding baby is what I had, and I don't envy her. It wasn't nice when everyone else seemed to be able to do it. Although I wasn't short of a succession of busy bodies offering conflicting advice.

seeker Fri 18-Jan-13 10:39:44

Oops, sorry, Olivia, spoiler alert!

Bizarrely, she appears to have been born into a hospital with no staff at all except the one midwife who delivered her, then said something about leaving them together for a while. She doesn't qppear to have been seen by a paediatrician, despite having Down's- and is too sleepy to feed.

ExitPursuedByABear Fri 18-Jan-13 10:42:42

Aarrgh! <puts fingers in ears>

Another omnibusser here.

ppeatfruit Fri 18-Jan-13 10:51:57

Some Downs babies have trouble with bf don't they? I thought the MW mentioned a paedriatician 'standing by' at the birth? Sorry omnibussers grin I listen the next day!

OliviaPeacein2013Mumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 18-Jan-13 10:59:10

shock at spoilers
-- <hovers finger over ban button> -- wink
May spend this pm playing catch up on iplayer ep by ep...

Abra1d Fri 18-Jan-13 11:16:32

I like Lillian {glares at everyone who doesn't}.

seeker Fri 18-Jan-13 11:31:42

So do I, Abra1d, but she is being very silly, isn't she?

Abra1d Fri 18-Jan-13 12:31:18

She is being a twit! And the Whitby whinging was most unlike her. Normally she's more robust, instead of griping about a bit of bad weather. I mean, she's a rider, n'all.

But Ambridge would be bland, bland, bland without Lillian.

ppeatfruit Fri 18-Jan-13 13:05:10

One interesting thing I've noticed is that Lilian hasn't confided in Jenny (who knows that she really fancies Paul) recently.

Unless she did it last night!! grin

Abra1d Fri 18-Jan-13 17:34:36

She knows that Jenny will say, 'Oh LilliAN!' in that tone of hers.

Tommy Fri 18-Jan-13 21:03:24

I love Lillian - I've actually enjoyed the storyline with her and Paul. I heard myself saying "you go girl" a couple of times at the beginning as Matt was being such a s**t. Still don't think it will last though....

HearMyRoar Sat 19-Jan-13 08:58:45

I just had a thought. didn't Lillian put all her cash into amside at one point when things weren't going so well? Or did I imagine that? If she leaves Matt and the business goes tits up would she lose loads of money?

I can't imagine her going all destitute just for Paul, she likes the finer things far too much.

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