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Ok - catch me up on Will/Ed/Emma/Nic c. 2004-2008

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Acekicker Fri 04-Jan-13 18:46:29

I'm trying to piece together the intricacies of the backplots with this lovely bunch - I've used the R4 pages and wiki but still have some gaps. I seem to recall listening to Emma fretting she was pregnant but not knowing who the father was in 2004 around the time I went on ML. I then have quite a big gap (due to ML and not being able to listen to podcasts in my car when I went back to work) in which the marriage, drugs, etc all unfolded. The next 'big thing' I remember with them was one Grundy brother buggering off (to Norfolk?) and t'other one and Eddie going to find him?

Specific questions include - when were Emma/Ed in the caravan and why was she then back with Susan (was this the drugs) and who the friffing heck died and left the house/money to Will (and why didn't Ed get some money off said dead person). Also where the hell did Nic appear from - the first bits I remember with her are about 3 years ago when Will was being all controlling of her (she was working in the Bull and he was all 'well who is going to make my tea woman').

Can anyone help?

GrendelsMum Sat 05-Jan-13 20:26:02

Right -

Ed nearly killed Emma in a drink-driving accident, so Susan and Neil used to hate Ed.

When Emma left Will, she moved in with Ed, but for some reason they ended up with George who was tiny at the time in a caravan in her parents' garden in winter. Emma couldn't take it, and it was really bad for George's health, so she left Ed in the caravan and moved in with her parents with George.

This turned into a split and Ed left Ambridge and became a homeless drug addict, where the vicar found him.

Meanwhile, Ed and Will's elderly great aunt died, and it was discovered she'd never updated her will after Ed was born, and so the money was all left to Will, although she had clearly meant it to go to both brothers. Clarrie and Eddie asked Will to share it with his brother and he refused.

Will met Nick on a bus when she was struggling with a pushchair and the kids and he helped her.

Then there was a point at which Emma got back with Ed, but she still didn't know who George's dad was, and she and Ed were planning to go to France taking George with them so that Will couldn't have custody.

Does that help?

Acekicker Sun 06-Jan-13 14:25:29

Yay! Thank you, that helps a lot, especially the bit about the Great Aunt, it goes some way to explaining the animosity between the two as well.


GrendelsMum Sun 06-Jan-13 22:02:55

Knew my archers knowledge would come in handy sometime!

ArtexMonkey Mon 14-Jan-13 13:32:34

Nick and will split up for a while as well, when will caught her giving Georgie a smack on the leg for being horrendous. To be fair to her, it was no time at all between her getting with will and him using her as unpaid childcare for George, plus her own ones were still small and demanding, and she didn't drive or have any friends or support network nearby. But she ended up back together with him hmm

OliviaPeacein2013Mumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 14-Jan-13 19:15:48

ANd wasn't there also a five minute blip when Ed and Fallon had a road trip somewhere, when she mooned all over him but actually he loved Emmur all along?

omletta Mon 14-Jan-13 19:20:54

Ooh Olivia, I just knew you would be a fan.

GrendelsMum Mon 14-Jan-13 19:35:53

I think you're right, Olivia - at one point Ed and Fallon were in a band together as well, weren't they? That's when Fallon was trying to make it as a singer.

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