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Magic Faraway Tree - Enid Blyton - Radio 4

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nannynick Mon 31-Dec-12 12:24:47

Episode 2 should be on iPlayer shortly. No link available yet.
Episode 1 is now no longer available via iPlayer.

OliviaPeaceOnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 30-Dec-12 17:49:16

ooh brilliant thanks

Back2Two Sat 29-Dec-12 09:25:35

Brilliant thanks. Hope my boys will love it

nannynick Sat 29-Dec-12 09:23:16

Episode 1 is on iPlayer until Midday 31Dec2012.
The Magic Faraway Tree, Episode 1

When is Episode 2 (of 2)? I guess it is on Monday 31st Dec, 11am, Radio4. On iPlayer shortly after that.

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