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HA ! Did anyone just hear John Humphries being put in his place......brilliant

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recall Sat 01-Sep-12 08:40:33

He is chatting to a thalidamide spokesman

Squeegle Sat 01-Sep-12 08:42:03

I didn't, but sometimes he could really do with just being told to shut up hectoring- so good!

Msinterpret Sat 01-Sep-12 08:44:31

Oh good! What happened? Will be checking it out on iPlayer ASAP!

OatyBeatie Sat 01-Sep-12 08:46:45

Oh damn I missed that because I'd already sworn at him and hurled myself out of bed thanks to his idiotic interruptions in the GCSE English discussion. My first words most mornings are "In the name of God Humphreys shut the fuck up!" WHY don't they retire him?

recall Sat 01-Sep-12 08:53:49

He is an arrogant clumsy twat, he is just rude to the speakers and bullies them up a corner, I want to flick him really hard on the forehead angry

OatyBeatie Sat 01-Sep-12 08:59:53

And the worst thing about it is that he bullies to no purpose whatsoever, because his questions are thoughtless and ill-informed and do nothing at all to coax a more informative response (often they just cut off that response).

When he is interviewing a wrongdoing politician, banker, whatever, he lets them off the hook by failing to give them the space in which they can speak fully and be properly held to account. When he is interviewing an expert, he just squashes the opportunity for us to learn from them.

And it isn't good for me that seething should be my first activity of the day.

recall Sat 01-Sep-12 09:15:03

Oatybeatie sore much more eloquently put than me grin, I am sooo happy to find someone else who feels the same as me. I dislike him so much that I have to listen so I can have a good rant.

recall Sat 01-Sep-12 09:17:05

How many "so"s can I fit in one post blush

domesticslattern Sat 01-Sep-12 09:26:14

grin I had to stop listening in the morning as he wound me up so much. Final thing was him doing a bizarrely aggressive interview with the mother of a man killed in an IRA attack, I mean WTF, of all the people to badger and interrupt rudely.
I can't bear to listen- how was he put in his place, can you tell us?

MavisGrind Sat 01-Sep-12 09:30:09

Glad it's not just me that shouts at the radio at him! I've moved over to 6 Music now but still listen to Today when in the car going to work. I can arrive quite wound up - he really should retire.

Clockless Sat 01-Sep-12 21:22:37

Oh I wish I had heard this. He pissed me off so much on the education debates, insisting that because the 11+ had made him, nobody could argue against current forms of testing. Grrrrr but now I am just switching off the minute he comes on.

GrendelsMum Mon 03-Sep-12 10:41:41

Radio 3, everybody. Soothing and invigorating in the morning in equal measure.

Songbird Tue 04-Sep-12 10:43:28

I don't put Radio 4 on until 9am! Eddie Mair is a much more effective interviewer! No less tough and rigorous, just a much better manner.

AnyoneforTurps Mon 10-Sep-12 22:38:40

Evan Davies, Justin Webb & Sarah Montague are far better than Humphries or Naughtie. They actually listen and respond. I think Naughtie might actually have mild memory loss - he sounds disorientated, though he's only 61. I feel embarrassed for him when I hear him floundering.

strictlycaballine Thu 13-Sep-12 14:26:24

So agree time for Naughtie and Humphries to go...

Always loathed Humphries and Naughtie makes even a good news story sound thoroughly depressing...

Evan Davies manages to be funny, intelligent, thorough, interesting and serious all at the same time.

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