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Do you know who wrote this?

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Clockless Wed 29-Aug-12 02:07:06

Looking forward to this mumsnet drama tomorrow! Afternoon play

RhinestoneCowgirl Wed 29-Aug-12 02:12:38

Jonathan Myerson I think.

Clockless Wed 29-Aug-12 02:17:51

Ha ha ha!!!!!

Yourefired Sat 01-Sep-12 00:49:28

Listened this afternoon on iplayer. Great concept, but storyline got a bit silly. Interesting questions regarding freedom of expression. Best line: bigboobs is Janet.

R4 Sat 01-Sep-12 01:27:42

I thought that it was all over the place. Was it a play about the perils of social media? Was it a SAHM v WOHM debate? Was it a commentary on school gate politics? Was it poking fun at may-contain-nuts mothers?
It picked up on too many topics, used some zeitgeist-y phrases, scored a lot of easy goals but didn't have much to say. It felt like something he knocked out one bored, rainy afternoon when a deadline was looming. Meh.

Clockless Sat 01-Sep-12 21:16:46

Yes, it gave me a laugh, and I loved the radio interview when the government spokesperson said it must be magic.... But it didn't make me think.

GrendelsMum Mon 03-Sep-12 10:44:01

Yes, interesting concept, but as R4 said, it just ended up having too many topics. It made me laugh in patches (the bits where the celebrities are exposed for their anonymous tweets), but didn't make me think.

Would have been much better without the plotline of the SAHM mum, I think.

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