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I don't listen to AmEx

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MrsWembley Sun 26-Aug-12 10:56:46

And now I'm completely lost, having missed a few episodes of normal TA. sad

Harry? Where? Why?

Rosa? Who? Why?

Matt? WTF? Why? (And why isn't Lillian doing anything?)

Adam??? Again, WTF? Has he been unfaithful? And WTF is he doing going back to Brain (sic)? Where are his principles??? Have they been written out too?

Acekicker Sun 26-Aug-12 16:16:56

Harry - went off to Edinburgh with Fallon, Jazzer and whatserface who works in the bar with Kenton as part of Amex takes the Archers away from Ambridge season. Campervan broke down, they pulled over and the nearest place was where Harry's ex boyfriend lives. They stayed for the night and Harry and his ex apparently now live happily ever after. Fallon was in dismay at Harry not only being not into her but apparently into blokes and shagged Jazzer in a drunken state.

Rosa is Elona and Darrell's daughter (Elona lovely carer at the Laurels from somewhere 'furrin' I think Albania?, Darrell of course was not working away but banged up for fencing stolen goods). She has appeared out of nowhere to clearly be both an irritating accent reminding us Archers was originally made at Pebble Mill and a contrived plot device to inflict more Jamie and Kathy on us...

Matt - I think they just change his principles to suit the storyline - perhaps he's on a minimum no. of episodes per year contract so they have to come up with something. Lillian too busy glugging Gin and winding Jenny up to notice

Adam shagged Pawel the fruit picker after a row with Ian over the farm, possibly moving away and Ian finally losing patience with Adam being fickle, selfish and incapable of making a decision. Adam has now swallowed his principles to not make Ian move away in the hope that in doing so he will magically ensure Karma guarantees Ian never finds out about the Pawel-shagging.

Gigondas Sun 26-Aug-12 16:22:14

Fallon shagged jazzer shock

amhmm about the Matt storyline- mainly cos I see brenda has abandoned all her superwoman ideas of about a year ago and was being remarkably so what when Matt was talking to her about cash flow problems.

heronsfly Sun 26-Aug-12 16:49:27

I always have hoped Fallon and Jazzer would end up together, and I think they probably will grin.
I don't understand the Matt/Darrel storyline, are the old couple renting a property that Matt has purchased ?

NetworkGuy Sun 26-Aug-12 19:33:38

"I always have hoped Fallon and Jazzer would end up together, and I think they probably will"

I don't really think so. Fallon seemed a bit shocked at what had happened, Jazzer seemed pretty 'meh' and they agreed to stay best friends (and that's why I suspect nothing more will come of it, on the basis Jazzer will try it on with almost any female).

NetworkGuy Sun 26-Aug-12 19:35:56

It's certainly one Matt/ business owns, and I suspect he can see it fetching more without them (limit on how much rent can be increased for sitting tenants) or made into flats (?)

Gigondas Sun 26-Aug-12 19:38:03

Didn't Peggy put pressure on Lillian or guarantee the rent on darrels house as didn't want to lose elona caring for jack.

And agree that poor fallon will stay single when mystifyingly Emmah has men (ok the Grundy juniors) chasing over her.

Acekicker Sun 26-Aug-12 20:46:16

Peggy makes up the rent on the house Elona rents as Elona wouldn't have been able to afford market rates. I suspect Lillian also might have given them a bit of a discount too as she's basically a sweetie at her gin sodden heart.

Matt wants the current tenants out so he can sell the house for more money. I presume they're on some fixed rent thing and he wants them into a smaller flat somewhere (sounds like it's a big family size house and there are just the two of them in there).

I actually thought Jazzer was astonishingly sweet when Fallon was all drunk and depressed (AmEx) about Harry...

MrsWembley Sun 26-Aug-12 21:03:50

Ah, that explains why I heard a bloke's name when people were talking about Harry. Still doesn't explain why his storyline went tits up, though.hmm

All the rest is just as daft. I do understand why so many are saying they're giving up on TA.sad


NetworkGuy Sun 26-Aug-12 21:08:44

On Feedback this week, Vanessa was speaking to Roger about the story lines.

I had a phone call so didn't listen to it in full, but did catch Vanessa being a little sad that she had lost the listener (who queried the plots and poured some scorn on it)...

R4 Mon 27-Aug-12 13:02:41

I have given up on TA. If I am near a radio at 7:02 then I will listen but I no longer ensure that I am near a radio then.

I had an epiphany the other day when I realised that after all the improbable plots, old hands acting out of character and too many newcomers, I am bewildered because I no longer know most of the assemblage. They are strangers, I no longer care about them.

NetworkGuy Mon 27-Aug-12 15:24:44

Certainly the elderly couple, plus Rosa and Darrel are new voices, plus the fruit picker guy, but whether it means some of the 'old hands' are wanting time off for other work, or for holidays, or just cutting down on work as they feel ready to retire, I don't know. No strong feelings against them (or for them), at present they seem to be more distractions.

Rather like my own nephews and niece, I feel many of the younger characters are just noise when other plots are concluded. We know little about Nigel's children right now, Ruari (?) is absent, and even Will and Nic and George etc are silent right now (not that I'm complaining... William is so grumpy with or without the assistance of Ed (who often sounds bored, or whiney).

I am a bit surprised that some actors and comedians don't just 'retire' and live their old age years more gently, rather than "work until they drop" (unless they feel that they will be more newsworthy, if they do the latter!).

As I came back in the rain from a bit of exercise, my initial thought was "Oh, it's 13:45, might switch Radio 4 on" but then after unpacking a few items and going to the loo, had forgotten all about it and here we are around 90 minutes later, idling on the computer (again!). No, Archers not capturing my attention and has not been doing since some time in early July, or before.

R4 Mon 27-Aug-12 18:14:46

It's also the episodic nature of it now. We are put through an emotional wringer for six weeks with Tony's heart attack or Amy's bunny-boiling and then ... ? They disappear into the void.
I want an everyday story of countryfolk, not a "this is your moment in the spotlight and then we'll forget about you for six months" drama.

It's not been the same since we lost Phil and Nigel.sad

MrsWembley Tue 28-Aug-12 09:47:43

I heard bits of Feedback, but I was under the impression that the woman speaking was Vanessa's replacement.confused Apparently, she is from the Eastenders school of producing, so the episodic nature appears to be down to her.sad

Yes, I can't help wishing the style would return to that of old. I also wish AmEx would disappear into the background and not impinge upon TA proper. It shouldn't matter that I don't listen and it shouldn't be so hard to catch up if I miss a few episodes. Once upon a time I could miss a couple of weeks and not know it!

CuttedUpPear Tue 28-Aug-12 10:38:06

I can't believe that after years of faithful listening, and my children also becoming regular listeners, interested if not exactly fans, that it should have come to this. I agree with all the points above.

I really hope that someone from R4 sees these boards. They are losing me. I missed a week working away, tuned in again last night in the hope that the nightmare plots will have gone away, but no.

Panzee Tue 28-Aug-12 11:12:48

I'm a relatively new listener, only the last 3 years at the most. But I have really noticed the difference that Amex has made.

I don't listen to Amex. I don't really have time to listen to the Archers but I download the omnibus podcast and listen to it in one go on a Sunday or Monday night. I can't cope with listening to Amex too, just to get a hold on the storylines in the Archers. It's ridiculous. sad

ppeatfruit Fri 19-Oct-12 15:11:34

I thought I heard that Vanessa Whitburn is still the editor (in the cast list) Or do they just say that? I was never very keen on her but she's miles better than the (hopefully) stand in editor what I say is "if it ain't broke why fix it?".

The beeb are famous for fixing what ain't broke sadly.

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