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R4 Mon 13-Aug-12 08:56:55

I've been on holiday so I have been playing catch up. Not the usual measured daily dose for me but a quick-fire getting up to speed. Trying to keep up with Adam changing his mind every two seconds is exhausting.

Why is he considered such a good manager when he is incapable of making a decision, is permanently grumpy and is always too busy to communicate with anyone (Brian, JD, Ian, Lillian etc etc. The only exception is Debbie: he can find time to speak to her but then she is too busy to talk to him LOL).

I was really hoping that they were going to write him out but that looks decreasingly likely if they have just written out Harry.

NetworkGuy Mon 20-Aug-12 20:26:13

PS CuttedUpPear

For italics and so on to work, you have to enclose each complete sentence with the ^ symbols and then start next sentence with ^ too.

You can do whole paragraphs of text, as well, but the italics stop just as soon as there's a blank line found in the block of text

Hope that helps.

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