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Exactly how old is Vicky??

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monstermoods Tue 07-Aug-12 19:24:39

The archers website is very vague..... well just dosn't say!

WipsGlitter Tue 07-Aug-12 19:28:28

I think they said 46.

monstermoods Tue 07-Aug-12 19:32:15

And Mike come to that.......

lottiegb Tue 07-Aug-12 19:32:53

Yep, 46.

Itwillendinsmiles Wed 08-Aug-12 18:03:14

Mike's been talking loads about retiring (less chance of that now!) so must be 60ish at least.

heronsfly Fri 10-Aug-12 16:57:25

So, we have Vicky, 18 weeks pregnant at 46. I think Mike was right to ask her to calm down, and keep quiet for a little longer.
She has mentioned the blood tests a few times, although in a very lighthearted way, I wonder how this story line will go ?

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