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Gas canisters, action!

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NigellaTufnel Wed 11-Jul-12 19:07:59

Maybe a bit predictable for Brookfield?

R4 Wed 11-Jul-12 19:19:27

Especally when they have been trundling out the trailers again.hmm
Don't understand the George problem: how/why was a seven y.o. able to get out of the house in the middle of the night?

ReshapeWhileDamp Wed 11-Jul-12 19:27:35

yy - and why would a relatively young child be drawn to a terrifying spectacle of firey death in the first place? hmm Any children of that age I know would be wailing for their mums, not doing a spot of illicit marshmallow toasting.

missmapp Wed 11-Jul-12 19:30:06

And why send josh out in the dark when terror lurks around every haybale???

Ponders Wed 11-Jul-12 21:40:58

Ruth obviously thinks that bad men only do bad things during the day hmm

the whole thing was hilarious

R4 Wed 11-Jul-12 21:58:26

the whole thing was hilarious

Imagine the script:
Emma: "George!"
Ruth: "Josh!!"
Ed: "Emma!!!"
David: "water! water!!"
Phil: "Grace!

Listener: confused

redwhiteandblueeyedsusan Wed 11-Jul-12 23:26:24

r4, i also thought that they were recycling old scripts.

i need to rescue the horses cow Grace JOSH/GEORGE

the reference to the gas cannisters was bloody clunky. der!

beautifulmind Thu 12-Jul-12 07:19:10

Theory - George was out in the yard because he looked out of the window and saw his Great Uncle Keith standing there with a flaming torch and thought 'This looks like fun' so off he trots to see what's happening.

R4 Thu 12-Jul-12 08:54:22

Interesting theory <strokes beard> So little George will tell his mum what happened and she will have to decide whether to inform on a relative ...

Ooooh, that will be a dilEmma <ba boom tish>

NigellaTufnel Thu 12-Jul-12 13:00:36

<Applauds R4>

MaryAnnSingleton Thu 12-Jul-12 14:09:06

think you're on to something there beautiful - they've been heavy handed with the Uncle Keith and the wedding expense storyline

Lilymaid Thu 12-Jul-12 15:50:39

Last big barn fire on the Archers was (as R4 pointed out) when Grace Archer died ... the night ITV started up. Any great event expected tonight?

FlyMeToDunoon Thu 12-Jul-12 21:00:13

I too wondered why and how Josh was out of a locked up house in the middle of the night. Ditto George. And why not leave the damn cow and raise the alarm?
Otherwise, it was great. Thank god for a bit of action. This storyline has dragged out long enough with all the angst.

choccyp1g Sat 14-Jul-12 11:31:33

Beautiful did you hear last night's episode yet? It is certainly going the way you suggested.

WhatWouldMargoDo Sun 15-Jul-12 11:11:44


heronsfly Sun 15-Jul-12 13:57:06

Yes, I agree its Keith, and Emma told Ed of her suspicions so she cant ignore it now, but Im not sure that Keith was behind the attack on Adam,maybe his being paid to terrorise David.

MaryAnnSingleton Sun 15-Jul-12 14:17:22

yep,he's been paid to do it by the real felons in order to pay off his wedding debts. Do the right thing Emma !

PrincessFiorimonde Sun 15-Jul-12 23:40:21

Oh! So maybe not Keith, then?

redwhiteandblueeyedsusan Sun 15-Jul-12 23:55:49

someone could have given him a false alibi.

Ponders Mon 16-Jul-12 00:07:41

he's bluffing

FlyMeToDunoon Mon 16-Jul-12 11:00:55

Must catch up at 2.
Bored with Kenton's 'comedy' stuff with Linda though.

CardiCorgi Mon 16-Jul-12 11:16:33

Somehow Keith doesn't sound like someone who would set Brookfield alight (ok, not sure what he should sound like), but I reckon he's involved with the stolen goods side of the gang, hence being able to pay for the wedding.

Ponders Wed 18-Jul-12 19:08:34

Thank the lord Ruari has finally lost that ridiculous accent!

MaryAnnSingleton Wed 18-Jul-12 22:18:26

yes,thank goodness- much better. Hope he buys Eddie's creature.

ppeatfruit Thu 19-Jul-12 13:01:59

Yes R4 !!!! SOOOO heavy handed esp. the last minute reference to the gas cannisters which didn't go up apparently and it wasn't uncle keith either; what a badly acted and scripted storyline that is. As is the 'women's cricket team' story OMG!! jamie's GF !! they surely could have found a better actress shock!!

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