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Archers- what was going on at the by end?

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partystress Mon 09-Jul-12 19:16:55

Ok, was only half listening cos was busy Mumsnetting getting tea ready, but who was crying and why? Tia

partystress Mon 09-Jul-12 19:17:19

VERY end, grrrr

AdventuresWithVoles Mon 09-Jul-12 19:26:26

Hayley, Phoebe staying in South Africa for longer, I think, didn't hear the whole thing, either. Haley is putting on brave face around likes of Jennifer, but quietly devastated. Haley was replaying over & over again a text with music from Feebs (I think) whilst sobbing.

gwenniebee Mon 09-Jul-12 19:28:02

That was my understanding, adventures. I haven't listened for a few days but there was a bit nearer the beginning with H and J "discussing" feebs' later departure, and H was not amused.

partystress Mon 09-Jul-12 22:36:00

Ah, sad. Thanks both. Would like to give Kate Aldridge a good slap sad (Note to self: it is NOT real life...)

redwhiteandblueeyedsusan Wed 11-Jul-12 23:23:22

you need to listen to archers extra on i player too as ther is a back story that sound like it will be quite interesting...

Northernlurker Fri 13-Jul-12 13:02:30

Kate Aldridge has been needing a slap re her parenting of Phoebe for the last 14 years. (Phoebe is the same age as dd1, dd2 was born about 3 days after Nolly and I think Sipho might be the same age as dd3 - oh and I think Kate is the same age as me - she's stalking my life!)

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