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AIBU to think that the Ambridge police are USELESS!

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Northernlurker Sun 24-Jun-12 19:16:17

So they have made arrests re the bashing of Adam and a trial is pending. The witness Archer has been continually harassed and threatened and the police have manged the sum total of bugger all. The threats and attacks are so frequent - how are they missing catching the buggers red handed? Now they're saying they could put them in a safe house? Eh? Eh? What about watching the 'gang' and protecting the Archers that way. And where exactly is Ruth going to stash them? With Heather? In South Africa with Kate?

R4 Wed 27-Jun-12 08:24:50

That's a good line of reasoning mummytime. I hadn't realised either, in all my years of listening, that Adam was a redhead but I didn't twig that it might also be A Clue.

They never mention hair colour normally. I always thought of Shula as a golden blonde and Caroline as a glossy dark brown.

Ponders Sun 01-Jul-12 23:55:10

well, now Emma & kids have gone to her mum's, Radio Carter is bound to mention to her extended family that the Brookfield kids have gone to their grandma's - maybe the "gang" will start mentioning that in their threats & that'll help narrow it down?

Incidentally did anyone else notice that Prudhoe was one of the places afflicted by the flooding in Northumberland last Friday? & Ruth never mentioned it on the phone...funny, that! grin

Adam has always been a known redhead - his putative father (Paddy Redmond???) was too. It doesn't get mentioned routinely because we're all supoosed to know anyway hmm

GrimmaTheNome Mon 02-Jul-12 08:52:27

He sounds dark and saturnine <stamps foot>.

Then again, maybe some of my mental images of Ambridge folk are off kilter. William 'looks' so like Prince William to me that I'm always a bit suprised when I hear the latter speak that it's not in broad Borsetshire.

R4 Mon 02-Jul-12 10:22:43

I really don't understand why they have been telling all and sundry that the children have gone to Heather's. Would you do the vague, non-geographical 'old friend from college days' routine?

As to Ruth not mentioning the floods, David didn't mention Borsetshire's deluge either! They quite often get the weather wrong: it must be really difficult being a programme about farming and not mentioning the weather.

They also haven't commented on the Torch Relay. You would think that The Powers That Be would try to shoehorn it in. Have other soaps mentioned it?

Ponders Mon 02-Jul-12 10:34:14

they almost always get the weather wrong! grin

But Prudhoe is a small place & it was mentioned on the BBC news on Friday night/Saturday - bad luck for the SWs.

Did they mention the Jubilee weekend? I don't listen every day.

Theas18 Mon 02-Jul-12 10:38:27

The dopey have always been dopey!

Of course there will be a northumberland attack, and the police there will be a site more effective, leading to the whole thing being solved and Cloive being found to be at the nub of it again.

Or maybe it'll all die quietly and no interest at all will happen.... c'est la vie en Ambridge!

AmINearlyThereYet Mon 02-Jul-12 12:37:19

I got quite excited when David asked Ruth if she was taking her usual route to Northumberland and making her usual pit stops and she said she was... started to wonder if whoever-it-is would be lying in wait for her on the motorway. I think if I were as scared as she is portrayed as being, I would at least stop at different service stations to normal. But boringly she got there safely despite her lack of basic counter-surveillance techniques.

heronsfly Mon 02-Jul-12 18:27:12

Im getting bored with it all now, time to bring in Elizabeths opinion on the state of affairs at Brookfield.

AmINearlyThereYet Mon 02-Jul-12 20:31:18

Heronsfly, if the time of your post is correct, that is spooky! Can I call upon you for racing tips? grin

heronsfly Tue 03-Jul-12 14:43:38

oh, I have just heard the episode, I listen to the podcast on my IPod.
The reason I thought of Elizabeth was because I had been reading the thread on here about her, And guessed she would have no kind words for her brother. MAybe all the mumsnet archers fans could take over the script for a week or so, (not sure how many characters would end up at the bottom of the slurry pit though!

GrimmaTheNome Tue 03-Jul-12 14:52:31

I rather like it when Jill - normally so calm - gets justifiably snappy with one of her offspring.

beautifulmind Tue 03-Jul-12 17:18:47

It's Keith Horrobin - DH said he'd heard him say something suspicious but the silly man couldn't remember what...........

heronsfly Tue 03-Jul-12 18:08:57

I think its a Horrobin too, it has to be someone that knows the family,cant be strangers !

mummytime Wed 04-Jul-12 09:38:12

Keith was whinging about how broke he is over the wedding. He also didn't ask why Emma was staying with Susan while Ed was away, which I found a bit odd.

Ponders Wed 04-Jul-12 20:33:39

as predicted

horrobins find out that they've gone

threatening phone call follows


GrimmaTheNome Wed 04-Jul-12 20:36:52

Oh dear. So, anonymous caller says 'we know where the kids are' without offering the slightest proof that they actually know anything other than that the kids have gone somewhere (unless I missed something). And they immediately decide to bring the kids home so the villains will for sure know where they are again. hmm

I really want David to go through with testifying and get the bastards locked up.

AmINearlyThereYet Wed 04-Jul-12 20:50:49

I want David to change his mind, and then to discover that he doesn't actually have any choice in the matter (and nor does Adam). It is annoying me SO much that everyone is talking as if it is some sort of private prosecution. <pedant>

Itwillendinsmiles Thu 05-Jul-12 09:25:05

I'm getting to the point now of not wanting to listen because so much of the script just seems so OTT and unbelievable... and I'm a listener whose family know never to 'phone between 7 and 7.15pm!

AmINearlyThereYet Thu 05-Jul-12 09:52:19

Should anyone want yet more, Ambridge Extra has restarted:

<must look into getting a life>

R4 Thu 05-Jul-12 10:19:40

So ...
Ruth has rushed off to Prudhoe, taking Kenton with her. Adam is not up to much. Ed is off on a course. Tony is still in recovery. Brian & Oliver are getting on a bit. Moike will be occupied with Vicky 'having a rest' and Roy will be fetching Pheebs from the airport. Ambridge is getting short of able-bodied menfolk ...

I am worried about what the SW have in mind for poor old David, alone on the farm <frets>

Itwillendinsmiles Fri 06-Jul-12 14:18:11

Trailer after the 1405 repeat today.... " The terror escalates at Brookfield... next Wednesday and Thursday at seven.."

beautifulmind Fri 06-Jul-12 17:06:20

David is going to shoot someone with his shotgun then say he thought it was a badger....................

redwhiteandblueeyedsusan Fri 06-Jul-12 20:34:08


I swore.

ppeatfruit Sun 22-Jul-12 14:54:30

So do we reckon it's Keith AND Clive then 'cos he's a shxx and Keith's "weak'" Emma's going to be in jeopardy now isn't she?

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