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I only just discovered NME radio

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NetworkGuy Mon 02-Jul-12 19:02:43

Thanks. Handy to know it is DAB as I have a couple of radios (and probably should have guessed, given it is in Radio Addicts, but then again World Radio Network isn't on DAB [perhaps in London] and the European broadcasts aren't even promoted on the website for those in Europe [though work fine on my Android devices]).

AdventuresWithVoles Mon 02-Jul-12 12:59:01

DAB radio, sorry.
Actually, I've now heard some songs on there I'm not keen on. But relatively few. smile Better on weekends than weekday eves, maybe.

NetworkGuy Mon 02-Jul-12 12:56:09

DAB ? Freeview ? Freesat ? Sky ?

Might help others find it.... smile

NicholasTeakozy Sun 24-Jun-12 21:02:17

Thanks for the tip. So it's like Arrow Radio then? Just music?

AdventuresWithVoles Sun 24-Jun-12 18:55:59

I've had it on most of today & heard only 2 songs I didn't like.
And no blardy DJ blathering. Wonderful!!!

Is this what it's always like? It's like a miracle, I loathe DJ blather & trash pop or Radio 6 too alternative music. How come I never found it before? Was it not always on digital? Will I get sick of tomorrow & think it's mostly rubbish like every other music station?

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