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Simon Day show - wtf???

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Gill79 Thu 31-May-12 18:47:44

Am I missing something? Is the stand-up bit supposed to be satire? Or is it supposed to be actually funny? I am completely baffled.

Itwillendinsmiles Fri 01-Jun-12 10:41:43

I quite like this smile

NetworkGuy Sun 17-Jun-12 00:26:24

I switched it off, considered it worse than "Count Arthur Strong" or "Down the Line" but I suppose someone thought it funny. Heard some better comedy on 4Extra (and not material I had heard before, seems like I missed a few years worth of comedy that now appeals to me when it might not have done back when it was on orginally... or I was out at work etc when it was on first time).

MaryAnnSingleton Mon 25-Jun-12 15:36:35

actually I really like it - simon Day is very good I think.

CuttedUpPear Tue 17-Jul-12 00:02:37

I have been listening, wondering if it isn't a bit racist?
Thinking along the lines of old TV programmes like Rising Damp which are vilified for their racism now.

PerryCombover Tue 17-Jul-12 00:03:56


Viperidae Tue 17-Jul-12 01:35:04

I have not heard this programme and didn't even know it was on but just thought I should say we saw him live last year and he was very funny indeed.

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