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Oh no they're messing about with the website again.

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NetworkGuy Sun 17-Jun-12 00:21:28

No, not just you - they have been doing lots of 'silly experiments' for years now, mucking with the width of the website, testing "watch us" radio (you know, where different Five Live shows also go out as video via the website, or Quentin Cooper's Material World, where you can watch a few Professors fidget in the studio, or World at One at the party conferences, so you can see the buffoon politicians) and for who / what reason ? 'Cos they can (and it doesn't come out of their own pocket) ! (Not to mention buggering up the schedules and wiping out good programmes apparently for the hell of it!)

Same as how they had someone who claims on his blog to be a 'radio visionary' making pro-DAB comments when we all know they need better quality audio (or even better, switch to DAB+ so we aren't left behind as most other countries have adopted the later [and better] standard)... we'll end up with no new DAB radios in a few years time. The manufacturers will have a few models that sell OK in UK and churn them out, until demand reduces... meanwhile they will put all their efforts into new designs for DAB+ as more countries set up their radio services, and only those sets will see developments with better chips, longer battery life, extra features, and the BBC and others will have left us up a dead-end with no new radio technology for 50 years. PS that 'visionary' has ads dotted about on his different web sites to get commission from anyone clicking to view / buy the current crop of (cul-de-sac) DAB sets (ie no DAB+ radios get a mention, he acts like they don't exist, but then again, there's no point as the BBC is not going to invest in DAB+ and the commercial services are still on the fence about DAB / FM / internet esp with the silly Labour-led Digital Economy Act trying to get Joe Public to switch from FM).

My confidence in the BBC is getting close to rock bottom - they don't run the Feedback programme 50+ weeks of the year, as it might upset the bosses too much, if they bothered to listen at all !

jodevizes Sun 03-Jun-12 18:57:49

Just me then.

jodevizes Wed 30-May-12 17:46:56

Just got back from taking my Mum out to lunch (Crap, expensive food, don't they watch any of these cooking programs?) and the geeks at the BBC have gone and messed about with the website again.

This morning all was normal but have just logged into 4extra and it has been changed again.

Do they really think we are unable to listen again without a huge pink arrow to tell us?

These people have too much time on their hands and too much money to burn.


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