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Ambridge Extra - possible spoiler

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Fiderer Tue 04-Oct-11 07:37:16

Anyone else hear the trailer on the Today programme? Some wrong un is back, Clive Horrobin I reckon.
Was that Ivy emoting about her boy being back? How long has he been in prison?

Can't think of any more candidates and it would make sense that Matt didn't know him.

Acekicker Wed 12-Oct-11 19:47:54

Just listened to the first two podcasts tonight on the way home...

What the jiggery-yokel fuck with the 'inner monologue' bits? So irritating.

Am really hoping that we haven't just swapped Jamie and whatserface's young love story for Daniel and Erin or whoever it is that's had glandular fever. I'd been expecting a Felpersham University (or wherever it is) set of stories with Pip and Alice, plus maybe some Phoebe running riot in South Africa...

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