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The Disappearing Short Story on Radio 4...

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WrathOfGodHerself Sun 02-Oct-11 16:08:19

Hello - did you know that the Radio 4 Afternoon Reading - aka Short Story - which has been running on weekdays since 1973 - is being cut? And that R4's new Controller is beginning these cuts - oh irony - during National Short Story Week (Nov 7th-11th 2011)?

Do you listen to it and love it? Do you write for it? I feel strongly about this, particularly as the short story is most often the way into writing for women, and therefore the planned cuts will affect not only women writers but the large number of women who listen to R4 during the day. Would be glad to hear from anyone who cares about this. I've begun a petition, and am blogging about it too, if you want to read more about this please google my 'name' or 'storycuts'. Thank you for reading this.

WrathOfGodHerself Sun 02-Oct-11 16:13:00

Oops - sorry, National Short Story Week runs from 7th - 13th November and novelist Katie Fforde is the patron

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