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Archers-what's happened to Chas?

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seeker Wed 21-Sep-11 06:15:40

or is he and all the other ambridge extra characters frozen in time til it comes back?

Acekicker Wed 21-Sep-11 18:42:40

Chas was never a cross-over character in anycase - I got the impression that the Archers characters could be in AE but that characters we got to meet in AE didn't travel back the other way (although clearly they get referenced - like Chas and Jamie's goody-two-shoes girlfriend).

Is AE coming back? I thought it might start when they all went back to school given the Jamie-centricness of the last series. I'm assuming that if it does some of it might be 'Phoebe's adventures in South Africa'... don't know if Chas would even be back in it, he was supposed to be getting a job after university so even if Alice is back then he might not be around?

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