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missthing Thu 19-May-11 19:17:26

Oh God, I've been dreading this coming, thought it might be avoided - why why why WHY did David tell her???

PrincessFiorimonde Thu 19-May-11 19:26:51

At least he didn't tell her the 'are you a man or a mouse?' bit.

Panzee Thu 19-May-11 19:27:50

I presume it's so he can have a total breakdown.
Someone predicted this in January. Whoever you are, you're very good.

missthing Thu 19-May-11 19:31:59

Do we think he may be so eaten up by guilt he might try to top himself? Oh God.

R4 Thu 19-May-11 19:41:06

Poor David. I thought that things were going a bit too well for him recently.sadsad. He is going to have a major breakdown and there will be a huge family row and people will take sides, just when Pip is doing her A Levels and Daniel his GCSEs.
Please be kind to him Roooth.<sobs>

R4 Thu 19-May-11 20:03:56

I have a feeling that Jill is going to handle this badly.

And, of course, The Inheritance is going to raise its head again. It is not too late to do a variation on Phil's will.

GoodnightNobody Thu 19-May-11 20:08:38

missed tonight's episode and no time to listen on catch up. Please tell me what he said to Lizzy.

notthehippopotamus Thu 19-May-11 20:10:20

Argh! I've been dreading this. Really don't like wondering what is going to happen next, I think you are right about the major breakdown. sad

R4 Thu 19-May-11 20:24:18

GN He has been helping over at LL again. Loathsome went to meet him in the field to bring lunch or summat (DH was distracting me by trying to talkangry he ought to know bettergrin) and was being uber-grateful for David's help. The more she said, the more uncomfortable he became until he blurted out "I don't deserve your kind words because ... "
Loathsome went totally dolally and screeched said (effectively) never darken my door again.
<sobs some more>

phonemonkey Thu 19-May-11 20:26:05

Poor David. He just couldn't live with the guilt. I'm surprised he held out this long actually. I thought it would all come out after the inquest. sad

RhinestoneCowgirl Thu 19-May-11 20:27:32

I didn't hear the end of tonights ep as I was dealing with a potty situation upstairs. But David is definitely heading for a breakdown, all this positive stuff recently is a red herring as he obviously hasn't dealt with things.

midnightexpress Thu 19-May-11 20:27:47

Why? Did he push Nigel or summat?

HumphreyCobbler Thu 19-May-11 20:29:31

her persuaded Nigel onto the roof although Nigel didn't want to go

I have not been listening because this has been hanging over me

midnightexpress Thu 19-May-11 20:32:28

Oh I see. yes, I remember now.

Oh dear.

campion Thu 19-May-11 20:33:22

As good as,midnightexpress.

The 'man or mouse' bit'll come out a bit later.

Trouble with David is that when his mouth isn't stuffed with cake and sandwiches he just can't help himself.

I did yell ' keep your mouth shut' but he obviously didn't hear.

SpeedyGonzalez Thu 19-May-11 20:36:11

"I'm so lucky to have Lizzie, my perfect family, my clipped vowels and my blissful life at LL AND a long-term job on The's like I've been blessed with everything I could have ever wanted. All I need now is a...woops! Ooh, nearly tripped over then, I could have - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"


(I know I'm being mean, I did feel sorry for old Nige when that happened)

missthing Thu 19-May-11 20:38:43

midnight no, he strongly suggested that he and nige should go up on the roof when nige was just going to sack it and drink some fizz.
Lizzie: totally unreasonable harridan.

missthing Thu 19-May-11 20:41:23

cross post but grin speedy

midnightexpress Thu 19-May-11 20:46:13

Still, never mind. David's incredibly annoying daughter will be able to take over the farm when he is put into a straitjacket, won't she? She seems frightfully up on CAP and set-aside for a teenager.

RhinestoneCowgirl Thu 19-May-11 20:47:46

Yes, great to see the world's most irritating teenager back on the straight and narrow - and going out with a nice boy from Young Farmers too...

SpeedyGonzalez Thu 19-May-11 20:52:15


You know what I miss? Ruth going "Oooowoooorrrr noooowoooorrrr!" - as parodied in Dead Ringers.

midnightexpress Thu 19-May-11 20:55:48

Sounds as if you may be hearing it again vair soon speedygonzalez.

SpeedyGonzalez Thu 19-May-11 21:00:17

Woo-hoo! <<permanently tunes radio to Archers>>

<<gets kettle, mug and biscuits>>

<<pull blankets over knees>>

R4 Thu 19-May-11 21:04:41

The tech people at the BBC have been efficient (there's a first time for everythinghmm). It is up on i-player already.

GrendelsMum Fri 20-May-11 11:16:35

Oh, I don't think that's quite fair. It was more like

Nigel: 'Lets take the banner down now, David'
Lizzie: 'But it's dark and you've been drinking. Take it down tomorrow.' <goes out of room>
Nigel: 'Whatever you say, Lizzie'.
David: 'Actually, the farm's really busy at the moment, and it would be easier for me to do it tonight.'
Nigel: 'But Lizzie said we should do it tomorrow'.
David: 'Are you a man or a mouse?'
Nigel: 'Whatever you say, David'. <goes prancing all over the roof>

I notice that Kenton isn't overwhelmed by guilt for having put the banner on the roof in the first place. He doesn't give two hoots about it.

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