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I can't believe I'm saying this but this play about goats is brilliant!

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fruitstick Fri 07-Jan-11 14:40:16

Normally I resent the afternoon play but this is great

I suddenly understand everything.

R4 Fri 07-Jan-11 22:46:21

The afternoon play is one of the few times I switch off but thanks for the recommendation - it was quite amusing.

Ladybee Fri 07-Jan-11 22:48:01

Oh I listened to that ages ago - thought it was done very well.

mylifewithstrangers Fri 07-Jan-11 22:49:19

The kids lost a whole hour at soft play because of that!!

Proper laughed grin

GrendelsMum Tue 11-Jan-11 12:31:03

Thanks for the recommendation

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