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The Archers;Will has finally lost the plot

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mrswoodentop Wed 20-Oct-10 20:44:19

He sounds more mad everytime hes on ,can't believe he was always the angelic one and Ed the mad one.My bet is on him to be the murderer,just got to work out who the victim is.shock

Simbacat Wed 20-Oct-10 20:45:21

Hopefully he will murder the evil Kathy- I detest that woman.

GrimmaTheNome Wed 20-Oct-10 20:47:03

Sounds like I missed something tonight...

mrswoodentop Wed 20-Oct-10 20:48:21

Kathy was awful as usual although she did soften a bit tonight ,Kenton was lovely though,want to dislike him but honestly can't help feeling that he is well rid of Kathy

lalalonglegs Wed 20-Oct-10 21:35:04

Will has always sounded a bit sinister to me - that horrible accent that sounds exactly like the creepy characters in Dennis Potter films. Not sure he is all there and he's soooo sour and (like most people in the Arches), completely joyless. I was quite upset when George turned out to be his, who would wish Will into any child's life?

needsahugplease Wed 20-Oct-10 21:45:40

I think Nik may be the victim - or maybe she'll murder him in self defence? That would certainly shake Ambridge to it's core. Poor Clarrie though....

mrswoodentop Thu 21-Oct-10 15:17:48

I think it will be Emma ,his logic being that he will then get George and Ed will have nothing

GrimmaTheNome Thu 21-Oct-10 15:29:41

I have an additional problem with Will. For some reason my mental image of him is looking exactly like HRH Will (after whom he was named). Slightly scruffier tweeds than he wears when out with his dad, gun over his arm, only with a disgruntled expression.

Makes it all the more entertaining when he's having a tantrum grin

zisforzebra Thu 21-Oct-10 23:11:26

I think Will will kill Ed.

R4 Thu 21-Oct-10 23:13:54

No. Ed will kill Viqqqui.

WhatsWrongWithYou Thu 21-Oct-10 23:23:09

Don't know anything about a murder, but I caught the first few mins tonight and thought Helen's lecture to Emma re morning sickness was priceless (in that clunky, heavy-handed Archers way).

Simbacat Thu 21-Oct-10 23:28:46

Maybe he could murder Helen and Kathy- hate the both.

How did moony Helen manage to get sperm when all we hear is a 2 year uk waiting list due to lack of donors?

Ohh and miserable Brenda as well. Kill her.

JeffVadar Fri 22-Oct-10 08:45:50

Helen is a freak. It's the baby I feel sorry for.

(Goes off to remind myself that it's not a real baby).

greeneyeball Fri 22-Oct-10 13:48:58

Does anyone else find Clarrie and Eddie's reaction to Will completely unbelievable?

They seem to think will's unreasonable to be distraught that the woman who broke his heart and destroyed his trust in humanity by leaving him for his own brother, is now having a baby with the brother which will almost certainly result in him being further pushed out of his Son's life?

His parents talk as if it should all have blown over or something - come off it! Clarrie even said it was 'ages ago' and he should have got over it because he's got a nice new partner. I don't believe any parent would react in that way, even if their loyalites were divided.

Pancakeflipper Fri 22-Oct-10 13:52:31

Not listened this week ( omnibus listener me) but Will is turning into a control freak. My money is on Nicky becoming the main victim then he goes for Emma...

1234ThumbScrew Fri 22-Oct-10 13:55:57

What's all this about a murder, didn't hear yesterday's so was it something that came up then?

No, greeneyeball I thought the opposite. Will lives with Nic now, with her children so presumable in a committed relationship. How would you feel if you were Nic? Will should have moved on by now - that whole blow up a while ago was ridiculous as Emma hadn't encouraged him at all and then he reacted as if she'd cheated on him (again).

AND - while we're at it, how come there's never been any mention of Nic being vile to George when they were together before. Would you go back to an ex who'd been so horrible to your child?

(must get out more).

greeneyeball Fri 22-Oct-10 14:50:12

Yes, we must all get out more...but in the meantime - surely you can't be serious Thumbscrew? How can he 'move on' when he has a child with his ex who is now being brought up by his cheating arse of a brother? I think it is far more believable that he would have periodic blow-ups than that he would just be over it. I thought Nic had sort of been cleared of being really horrible - just a bit stressed etc?

NothereisnobodylurkingbehindU Fri 22-Oct-10 14:53:50

Somebody was asking about Helen getting up the duff? She was told it would be months - and about two minutes later got a call saying they had a cancellation - apparently she was the only one in the months long queue? So she had the treatment and was with child instantly. It's all pretty sickening - and I speak as someone who had no issues at all conceiving.

greeneyeball Fri 22-Oct-10 14:57:45

Wasn't Ian involved in the conception somewhere? Or did I fall asleep and dream that? Surely they can't have been that glib about ivf??

abr1de Fri 22-Oct-10 15:01:46

Yes, why are there so many terrible women? Why not some funny but endearing ones? They're all so ghastly. Apart from Fallon and Lillian.

Simbacat Fri 22-Oct-10 15:06:06

No-we all thought thatbthecapparent national sperm emergency shortage would helen and that Ian would then step up and offer her a Baster it two.

But no- only weeks after the papers wre full of the shortage and the streams of uk women going to Norway ( or somewhere similar) Helen get hers within days of even thinking about it.

I thought maybe it had come by ups from holland but no mention- seems she got the last drop of English sperm left.

Simbacat Fri 22-Oct-10 15:07:25

Sorry - iPad.

We all thought that the apparent ...would affect helen

NothereisnobodylurkingbehindU Fri 22-Oct-10 15:27:31

IT wasn't IVF - just AI.

Hearsetease Sat 23-Oct-10 15:39:37

Agree with greeneyeball that Clarrie and Eddie's incomprehension makes no sense at all.

R4 Sun 24-Oct-10 11:53:35

I disagree, having just re-heard it on the omnibus.
For a start, Will starts the conversation by having a go at E&C for not telling him about the pregnancy. This means that they feel attacked and so do not feel very charitable towards him. Then he says over-the-top, ridiculous things like Ed's not fit to be a father.
Ed was a mess but has sorted his life out, is on his way to ensuring that a Grundy farms at Grange Farm again and is becoming a family man.
Will had a headstart, with Caroline as his Godmother and that inheritance, but is going downhill - in the opposite direction to Ed. He is growing increasingly grumpy and weird. He behaved like a spoilt brat, like he was the younger brother.

It is over four years since Will and Emma broke up. It has been obvious for a while that there is no chance of a reconciliation and this pregnancy confirms it. Will should move on, for his own mental health if nothing else.

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