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The Wedding...

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NetworkGuy Mon 02-Aug-10 19:17:22

Quite a shock for poor old Jennifer. Brian's answer (of course) was "I'll get a drink".

Wonder how long it will last ? ! ?

Heartsease Mon 02-Aug-10 19:18:14

I love it. grin

MaamRuby Mon 02-Aug-10 19:20:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheMoonOnAStick Mon 02-Aug-10 19:21:28

Rofl! I just knew there'd be a thread!grin

Oh this is wonderful. I don't know who is the bigger snob - Susuan or Jennifer.

MaamRuby Mon 02-Aug-10 19:22:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Heartsease Mon 02-Aug-10 19:24:08

I do think Alice and Chris are quite good together. I would like to see them make a go of it, and have her still join the RAF, and generally be a more inspiring and adventurous young couple than Tom'n'Brenda or Nic'n'Will.

I do feel a bit wary of the sheer number of 'social cringe' storylines (bumbling Grundys, vulgar Vicky and Susan, snobbery of different kinds from Jenny and Linda). But it's worth it to hear Brian on this kind of form -- he is supremely well played.

Heartsease Mon 02-Aug-10 19:25:54

Seems I started both my last paragraphs with "I do" [Vegas wedding fever emoticon].

champagnesupernova Mon 02-Aug-10 19:26:15

I am still halfway thru yest's omnibus - seem to have missed out on the kiwi sheepshearers and whatever has gone on with kathy/kenton/jamie/facebook but OOH how exciting!

NetworkGuy Mon 02-Aug-10 19:29:25

Actually, TMOAS, someone else posted same instant, in the 'murder someone, everyone' thread...

MaamRuby - Chris and Alice returned to Ambridge and Chris carried Alice (to the amazement and shock of Jenny and Brian). 15 minutes on a DVD of their wedding in Vegas and then off to see his parents. Jenny talking about the country set, and this is the worst thing she could have done, Brian says it's like a first attempt, but when Jenny talks about when they'd have an opportunity to confront Alice, Brian became defensive about not wanting to burst the bubble for his daughter {while hoping it won't last too long}.

Of course, you might prefer to listen to it properly with ... iPlayer Link when they put it online in an hour or so (?)

zanz1bar Mon 02-Aug-10 20:49:08

God that was good. I just loved the shudder in jennys voice, the crack as the final veneer of her vision of her perfect family falls apart.

Bring on the blessing and party at the bull, With all the horrabins on the invitation list.


zisforzebra Mon 02-Aug-10 21:36:54

I was lmao as I listened to the barely disguised horror in Jennifer's voice. Fab. grin

NigellaTufnel Mon 02-Aug-10 21:46:30

Didn't Jenny shag some random bloke as well?

Heartsease Mon 02-Aug-10 21:58:36

Yes, Jenny had a roll in the (best sort of) hay with cowman Paddy Redmond, who was Adam's father, then married Debbie's father.

Maybe that's what Brian was hinting at with "we'll just have to think of this as Alice's starter marriage, Darling". Lol.

NigellaTufnel Mon 02-Aug-10 22:36:04

Aha! Hypocrite!

smugmumofboys Mon 02-Aug-10 22:39:18

'Good grief Brian. I'm related to a Horrabin.' Priceless!

Jennifer is such a gold-plated snob. I agree Brian is played very well.

StayFrosty Mon 02-Aug-10 22:46:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

seeker Mon 02-Aug-10 22:50:49

Last weekend, a friend of mine said "I bet they come back married" I dismissed it out of hand!

NetworkGuy Mon 02-Aug-10 22:54:29

"starter marriage"

Well remembered - I just couldn't drag it back from memory when I jotted that precis for MaamRuby.

Anyway, the iPlayer system caught up around 2100 so anyone desperate to listen can hear the whole thing before the repeat after lunch Tuesday...

StayFrosty Mon 02-Aug-10 23:01:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Heartsease Mon 02-Aug-10 23:07:51

I might have to listen again before bed. I am actually smiling just thinking about it grin.

I really enjoyed the slow realisation which dawned with the carrying over the threshold thing.

Agree with you, StayFrosty, about them being a good couple. I liked it when they were living in the holiday cottage and Jenny was tutting and flapping, but they were obviously totally happy and managing shared domestic arrangements just fine.

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