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Pushchair on the bus

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Monikam470 Tue 14-Nov-17 11:26:22

I take a bus from Chelsea to take my son to the nursery in High Street Kensington .My son is 2.5 years old and my daughter is 9 months and when we travel she is in the pushchair Uppababy. My husband got a car but I don't drive so we have to commute by bus which i found it the easiest .
So todayI dropped my son at the nursery and I took a bus 328 from HSKensington to Chelsea . My daughter was asleep in the pram. When I was entering the bus I saw that there is already a wheelchair so I went up to the driver and asked if I can go in and he replied yes if the pram will fit. I entered and there was a tough woman in the wheelchair and next to her was presumably her boyfriends as he was touching her hair and they were deep in a conversation . When I got in I excused and asked I could get in and fit . The couple said theres no space but there was . I entered but the lady bf wanted to stand next to her and said theres no enough leg room for his gf and that i can't get in .
I did as we both fitted fine fine and the driver started to drive. An elderly lady standing said theres room to accommodate both of us but bf of a lady in the wheelchair replied mind your business . I was astonished as they looked like a educated well dress couple so I didn't expect that. The couple were unhappy i fitted in . Some lady at the back of the bus said I have to take my baby out of the pushchair and fold it.
I was with uppababy big pram . She also said they had priority which i know and i d move out if we didn't fit but we did ! The lady who supported me left the bus on the next stop and the lady who said that i have take the baby as they had a priority stayed and as she was living i heard word morons directed at me and the couple said thank you . Not a nice journey . Some people are not accommodating and not nice honestly i didn't harm anyone it was just the bf could not stand one the side of the young women he wanted . Sad

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