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VW Polo - recommendations for a pram that fits!

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Sarane33 Sun 02-Sep-12 05:07:52

Please could any VW Polo owners give me their recommendation for a travel system that will fit in the boot?! I'm struggling to find anything that ticks all the boxes!

Purpletoes Sun 02-Sep-12 11:30:53

We have a uppababy vista and a vw polo. When we had the carrycot you could fit it in boot with back wheels off and collapsing the carrycot. We are now using the buggy seat and once the back wheels are off it folds down and fits easily with room for a rucksack or two.

The wheels come off and on very easily a quick switch on and off.


Sarane33 Sun 02-Sep-12 14:23:42

Thanks - that's really helpful. I really like the look of the Vista and also the new Cruz, just not sure how I feel about having to take the wheels off everytime. We tried a Bugaboo Bee this morning and it fitted really easily in the boot, with the seat and wheels on. I am just not convinced that it's a very sturdy or comfortable pushchair - it seems really juddery compared to others. Got completely conflicting advice from two different shops - it's all so confusing and I am nervous about making an expensive mistake!

peanutMD Sun 02-Sep-12 14:30:13

Babystyle oyster
Maxi-cosi Loola Up
Maxi-cosi Streety Plus

femmeaufoyer Sun 02-Sep-12 14:41:03

Sarane, I have a Bee Plus which I've used since DD was 14 months and am now going to use for DC due in December. I can completely understand what you mean about it not feeling sturdy enough but believe me it is. I had a Quinny Buzz when DD was newborn and it was very sturdy and comfortable.....but after 12 months I got fed up with the size and weight and the 2 piece fold, having to take wheels off to get it in the car etc. if you go for big travel system you will get sick off it (no matter how good it is, and I believe that Uppababy are very good) and you will end up buying something smaller, save money and time and go for that in the first place. DH has offered to get me a Bugaboo Cameleon for new baby but I've decided to stick with the Bee because I can't go back to a 2 piece fold....such a faff! Just my experience and opinion, it's hard choosing a pushchair..they are so expensive and there's so much choice.....good luck.

femmeaufoyer Sun 02-Sep-12 14:42:50

However, if you live in the country or plan to do lots of off-roading, then don't get the's useless on rough ground.

Sarane33 Sun 02-Sep-12 15:35:07

Thanks both so much for all your advice - so, so helpful. We live in the Surrey suburbs and the only rough ground I envisaged going on are gravel paths in parks - I'm guessing the Bee is up to this?

femmeaufoyer Sun 02-Sep-12 16:49:01

Oh yes, it will cope with gravel paths. And in my opinion it's great for city/suburbs's so neat and narrow that it goes into all the shops, cafes, public transport etc. I think it's one of very few pushchairs which face both ways, are small and light, fold neatly and fold with the seat in both directions.

I'm going to get the cocoon for when the baby's first born and the car seat adaptors (I found it really useful to be able to clip the car seat onto the frame of my Buzz with DC1) And, on a frivolous note, I like the fact you can change the hood, seat liner etc to refresh the's like having a new pushchair!

I will say that my Bee hasn't been without problems...I have experienced the common shimmying-wheel problem, and I had to have the seat unit changed as the extending back kept slipping down. But each time Bugaboo have dealt swiftly and efficiently with the problem.

The Baby Joggers get very good reviews too - it might be worth looking at them. There's a new one out soon called the Versa which will face both ways. Looks good.

newtonupontheheath Sun 02-Sep-12 23:16:48

My friends quinny buzz fits in my vw polo boot (although I actually wouldn't recommend the pram!) We have a maclaren techno at the moment which just about fits in if you take the bottom shelf out. It's umbrella fold, but very long (don't know whether that's specific to this one or all umbrella folds!)

Katie66219 Thu 06-Sep-12 00:07:56

I think the Bee is a good option. I have the Bee and a Baby Jogger Summit XC. With a little manouevering; I can fit both in the boot of our Polo at the same time. The Bee is definitely better for shops and narrow pavements. On the other hand; the Baby Jogger was much easier to use overall. It folds like magic and the wheels come off in a jiffy. I know they have smaller models available. The Baby Jogger is great for situations where you take different modes of transport or need to have the option of just carrying the pram up an escalator.

Halestones Fri 07-Sep-12 09:16:39

oBaby Zynergi Condor fits

Nanny01 Fri 07-Sep-12 11:56:23

I just bought the cossato giggle, it folds like the uppa baby vista but is smaller and lighter and you can fold it as a one piece forward facing. ALso come with all the extras rain cover coseytoes and baby bag. £330 all in. Wish I had bought this instead of my vista. Seat isn't as large but if your child isn't big its a great package.

onebigwish Fri 07-Sep-12 11:58:21

I had a pliko pramette from m and p in the boot of my polo.

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