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baby jogger city select

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Tiggywunkle Tue 16-Jul-13 23:27:06

Seeing as someone has dragged this old thread up again, I am going to add my twopence worth!
I had the Peach Blossom 1, realised it wasn't up to the job, bought a BJCS, grumbled about the PB1 which iCandy read. Partly as a result the Peach Blossom 2 came about. As a result I got a PB2 to try out which was fortunate, because within a few weeks the BJCS had got so heavy that I could no longer push it without it hurting. I also has issues with my eldest kicking my youngest which meant the CS seating options became very limited with no recline (back to back). In reality, the PB1 would have lasted me the same amount of time as the BJCS. As it happened, I was fortunate enough to have the PB2 and we used the PB2 for a year longer than the BJCS. The one lesson I have learnt is that with a double pushchair, the pushability comes above everything else. If you can push the pushchair easily with 2 x 15kgs weights / children in it, then its a good starting point to then debate anything else. I had a BJCS again a few weeks ago for the first time for ages and I was surprised how very heavy it was compared to the other tandems I had (PB2, Apple 2 Pear and Oyster Max).

EntWife Tue 16-Jul-13 22:37:25

I have a city select and have taken it on the bus with no problems. goes up easy and comes of just as easily. I use it on trains as well with no problems . am using it in single mode at the moment. dd2 is 14 months old but used it initially as a double. will be using it as a double again in 6 Weeks when DS1 arrives. I traded my Phil and Ted's for the city select and think it is the best buggy ever.

angelinaward Tue 16-Jul-13 15:05:32

I wrote a review on the City Select which you can read here: . I have one myself, I love it and I've had my fair share of prams (double and single!). I have two children under 3 and it's perfect for getting them to the shops and back without tantrums/keeping my sanity intact!

naomi83 Thu 29-Jul-10 19:34:50

Get the BJCS AND a maclaren quest/BJCM. Then you are sorted for single/double/nice carrycot/big basket for shopping/rear-facing/fab for long walks but also small folding/good for bus and tube/lightweight. Most pramaholics go through loads of pushchairs. I reckon with these two you are sorted for the next 3-4 years (although not for very off-road use, for that you'll need a sling/back carrier!) Even together it's cheaper than a bugaboo Cam.

wiggylou Thu 29-Jul-10 18:12:40

Thanks for all the info. Really like the bjcs just not sure if I should just buy a standard single pushchair. There are so many choices that I thought it would be good to just buy the one pushchair that would see me through too baby number 2! If I don't get this one then I will have to go back to the drawing board, here is my checklist invade anyone has any suggestions
1/forward and rear facing
2/compatibily with maxi cosi car seat
3/ separate carrycot
4/ suitable for all terrains
5/decent size basket
If anyone has been on the bus with the city select would love to hear how you got along. I will be mainly walking and taking the bus as we don't have a car. Thanks

ronx Mon 26-Jul-10 16:08:15

John Lewis @ Brent Cross has a demo model.

eeyore2 Mon 26-Jul-10 15:58:12

John Lewis Oxford St has one, I saw it in there on the weekend

mel2005 Mon 26-Jul-10 15:53:57

the lady who made the website comparing the peach and select doesnt work for anyone to do with baby jogger or baby shops. she is a normal mum who bought the peach for her toddler and new baby. she then bought the city select as she realised that the peach cant be used for long and the select is much better. she made the website to inform other mums who cant compare them side by side like she could.

the icandy back seat only reclines as its not really much use when your baby reaches one year old also you have to take it to bits to fold which is a pain!!! so its not as easy as the BJCS which folds in one bit by pulling two handles. my 18month old twins who are small for their ages (alice is only 9kg) both are on the bottom centile. the smaller seat on the peach is too small already and they will not sit in it as it relines only and they cant see anything.

you can have baby facing you and toddler facing out in the main seats with the BJCS, so when baby is older but its better to use other positions like toddler facing out on the top and carrycot on the bottom facing in.
the BJCS is as long as my mountain buggy single and that fits on a bus fine. i found the bjcs easier to steer than the icandy and because the front wheels are bigger is much better off-road. there is also not that much weight and length between the BJCS and the peach. what you gain are better sized interchangable seats, a bit more room between the seats, a fantastic massive basket and great big hoods. the icandy does look nice BUT its alot of money to spend when there is a better buggy thats cheaper and more functional and both children can have a great view. the snack trays are great as well. its also the only double buggy i have managed to get in the clarks lift and i have had over 30 inc the icandy and phil and teds etc (small single size doubles)

anyway the peach would be a great buggy if the sorted out the back seat, gave it a bit more length so it had a bit more room between the seats so the seat could be a bit more level and gave a better view. i cant see why they couldnt then have the seats the same size and face forward and backwards.

csimota Mon 26-Jul-10 15:18:53

You can't choose between City Select Jogger Double and I candy Peach Blossom. (double) I try to help.
They are the 2 best ones on the market if you do not want to put your baby in the shopping basket. One lady did a great comparison site but I think it is still missing some points and she did a little bit one sided leaning towards City Select. I had the feeling that she is working for someone who is selling City Select. (and it worked)

I do not think either one is better than the other, I think it is depending on you what you want. I have a toddler and a newborn. And be honest with you I do not know if I had made the right decision, that is why I write so other moms will not be like me.

1. Length: 1. City Select in real life is a lot longer than I Candy mainly if you use public transportation.
2. Weight: City Select is a lot heavier. If you compare the two with or without children I Candy peach is a lot lighter in every way.
3. Seats and Carrycot: City Select`s seats and carrycot are a lot bigger than ICandy, so it is more spacious for both children. But I have to tell you if your toddler is under 2, ICandy is perfect and not small at all. ICandy Peach Blossom has a small carrycot. (only good until 6 months)
4. Folding, car:They both fold easy. ICandy Peach takes less place since everything is smaller.
5. I wanted my baby facing towards me and my toddler facing towards the world. None of them is able to do that.
6. Looks: ICandy definitely looks a lot nicer, cooler and luxurious, City Select looks a little bit bulky.
7. Breaks: City Select has a handbreak you may or may not like it. I Candy B. has normal foot break.
8. With the carrycot of Icandy you can only reach half of the shopping basket. With the seats it is perfect.
9. I Candy has 2 small cute wheels on the front, which is easy to manoeuvre with it, City Select's fronts wheels are not my favourite, they are not as easy to turn with.
9. City Select could be forward or rear facing (only both at the same time), I Candy Peach Blossom has only one option.
10. If you use carrycot/seat combination with Icandy you can only use the foot break from the side.

I have I candy Peach Blossom (but tried City Select for a long time) and the only reason I am thinking about selling it (my husband loves it and do not agree with me about selling) is because my son is 29 months old and rather tall, he fits in the seat, he is comfortable in it and likes it, but I just feel he looks big in it. My baby is still in a carrycot and she loves it.
The stroller as a double is very small and I have no problems to go to stores, buses, tubes, train, dlr. It is like a single buggy. Easy to push, today was raining I was able to push it with only my left hand and keep the umbrella in my right hand.

But if I do sell it I do not know what would I want. My son fits in City Select great and the carrycot is bigger (I would like my baby in the carrycot longer than 6 months) but I need all my strengh to lift both of them up even on a curb. It is hard on your wrists. Also some lifts are so small, I am afraid I will not fit and I might not be able to fit on a bus.
Well I hope I helped someone and me I am still looking for my perfect buggy.......

mel2005 Thu 15-Jul-10 18:46:58

i have one and love it, i have twins so use it most of the time in doubles mode. i havent been on a bus with it. i do use it daily and i had one of the first ones in the uk. its a buggy that grows on you the more you use it, i think the fold is fantastic, its such a smooth ride and the seats are great. the massive basket is so great and its strong. we have just been around a really bumpy adventure park with my twins in it and it was great much better than the phil and teds my friend had. if you are planning of having two children close together its great all you will need to buy is the extra seat when you have your second baby as you will already have the carrycot from your first baby. i wish they had been around when i had my older two.

wiggylou Wed 14-Jul-10 21:18:10

Ok I have been to John Lewis and checked it out and love everything about it apart from the length(as long as the Phil and teds) Just don't know how practical it is going to be on a bus, if anyone has used there's yet can they let me know how it went? It's a great pushchair and really practical in every other way but perhaps I should stop forward planning before I have had my first child and just buy a compact single?? I just don't know what to do so any advice / experience with this model would be greatly appreciated.

wiggylou Sun 11-Jul-10 09:51:21

Think I will head to John Lewis this week to check it out. Let me know how it goes on public transport as that's my main worry.

Pier Sat 10-Jul-10 10:18:10

John Lewis in Bluewater have one to try. Tried my son in it as was worried about length of seats but he was fine.
I have bought one but haven't set it up yet. Hope to try it out this weekend.

akatwinkle Fri 09-Jul-10 07:24:41

We are in Godalming and we will have the City Select demo in at the of next week. (sold out of current stock and demo)

lifeas3plus1 Thu 08-Jul-10 23:13:56

I'm going to be using public transport for a while too so will definately let you know how it copes. (Or how I cope lol. )

wiggylou Thu 08-Jul-10 23:09:06

Thanks for that the review helps but really want to see them myself. I am going to try john lewis and see if they stock it. Just worried as I will be using alot of public transport so not sure if too big? Let me know how you get along

lifeas3plus1 Thu 08-Jul-10 22:45:46

I can't really help you as I'm not picking my city select up until tomorrow (or saturday) but this is a great review on both.

For what it's worth I think the icandy looks a lot neater as a single but the City Select gives far more versatility as a double.

wiggylou Thu 08-Jul-10 22:32:37

I am expecting my first child and had my heart set on the icandy peach as it offered the versatility off adding additional seating for future children (bit of a planner so only want to buy one good pushchair!)
But i have just seen the posting re the baby jogger city select and am now not sure. Does anyone know of a retailer in London where I can look at the jogger as bit worried about the extra weight/length? Cant seem to find anywhere that sells it online apart from a place in manchester. Any advice would be great or if anyone has any other suggestions for an adaptable pushchair that isnt too long/bulky (ruled out phil and teds on this basis)

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