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best pushchair for 3 years old

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margobambino Mon 31-May-10 22:54:09

Hi, We have Stokke Xplory but DS is now growing out of it. We are looking for something roomy for a 3 years old who looks like 4 and sturdy enough to carry him when he wants to run but has to stay in the pushchair. I'd appreciate any advice.


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Hope that helps!


DanJARMouse Mon 31-May-10 22:55:44

Why is a 3yr old still in a pushchair?!

Mine were out of theirs by 3. DS is just 2yrs 6mnths and rarely uses his now.

TheNextMrsDepp Mon 31-May-10 23:00:53

What's wrong with his legs??? Buy a wrist-strap if you are concerned about absconding. I second DanJARMouse; dd2 demanded I sell the buggy when she was 2.5 because it was "for babies".

margobambino Tue 01-Jun-10 00:02:19

He uses it rarely but when we need it, we really need it. Wrist-strap is not a solution for my hyper boy. He sits on the floor or lays down refusing to go to right direction. We are going on a holiday soon and he will turn our travel to hell especially in the airport.

Clary Tue 01-Jun-10 00:06:06

I wouldn't dream of buying a pushchair for a 3yo.

If he looks like 4 and is growing out of his buggy that should tell you something.

He needs to start walking and understanding that he has to do what you say. 3yo seems like a good time for that.

Or when will you stop restraining him in a buggy and expecting him to do as you ask? All of a sudden when he's 5?

hester Tue 01-Jun-10 00:14:38

Hi OP. Everyone's going to tell you you shouldn't be putting a 3 year old in a buggy. I'll leave you to enjoy that grin All I can say is that you will probably struggle to find a buggy that is very roomy for that age, unless you want to pay a fortune and move into the more specialist territory of buggies for older children. Presumably you don't intend to get a lot of use out of it, so don't want anything too expensive? I'd suggest a Maclaren Volo. My dd is 4, is as tall as most 6 year olds, hasn't used a buggy regularly since she turned 3, but for particular reasons she used our old Maclaren for a few days recently, and seemed fine in it.

margobambino Tue 01-Jun-10 00:20:29

Thanks for the parenting lesson. I see lots of 3-4 years old children in their pushchairs in shopping centers or on the streets. Lots of people do carry a pushchair for even older children than mine when they travel as airports are very busy and young children get tired when they walk long distances or get distracted with lots of sitimuli. It seems we live in a different planet from your ideal world and super-ideal children. Thanks a lot.

margobambino Tue 01-Jun-10 00:24:14

Thanks hester for being considerate. No, I definetely don't intend to use it often and looking for something cheaper really. I'll have a look at McLaren Volo.

Clary Tue 01-Jun-10 00:25:01

Mine is not an ideal world and super-ideal chidlren, sadly, OP.

That's my point really. I imagine you will want yr DS to walk nicely with you when he is, say, 5 or 6. I am just trying to suggest that you need to start teaching him about that before then.

Just as I taught my DS1 about crossing the road safely somewhat before I actually wanted him to do it on his own (as he now does, in yr 6).

I see 3 and 4yos in buggies too. I see people giving small children bottles of coke. I see people smoking near the pram. None of this makes me feel especially happy.

You must do what you choose of course. I was just trying to give you some advice gleaned from my own experience.

Multimummy Tue 01-Jun-10 08:36:56

Fgs do we have to have the parenting lesson everytime someone with a child of 3 needs pushchair advice! The mother will know her child and her needs.
If i did not use a pushchair for my child (2y now) he would have to walk 8 miles a day like me while we take his siblings to school and that's before we add on the milage for trips to his activities or shopping for groceries! Not all of us drive or have public transport to use! Op i recommend a baby Jogger city mini or elite.

xkaylax Tue 01-Jun-10 09:46:29

What is the big deal i have a 3.3 yr old and he still goes in his buggy occasionally for big walks as we walk everywhere and never use busses

People need to stop being so selfish she was only asking for advice angry
And i hardly see how a tired 3 yr old being in a buggy is like a 3 yr old drinking coke or passive smoke!
Some people really need to worry about other things in life

And i just use the zapp occasionally as its very lightweight go and try one in store though as my ds isnt very tall

xkaylax Tue 01-Jun-10 09:46:29

What is the big deal i have a 3.3 yr old and he still goes in his buggy occasionally for big walks as we walk everywhere and never use busses

People need to stop being so selfish she was only asking for advice angry
And i hardly see how a tired 3 yr old being in a buggy is like a 3 yr old drinking coke or passive smoke!
Some people really need to worry about other things in life

And i just use the zapp occasionally as its very lightweight go and try one in store though as my ds isnt very tall

weddingseason Tue 01-Jun-10 11:36:07

My nearly 3 year old still fits in an urban detour when necessary - can often pick them up cheap on e bay.

Volo also a good suggestion except that they have little wheels. Big air tyres much easier to push a heavy child.

hazeyjane Tue 01-Jun-10 11:44:45

margobambino, I came on to the thread, because I knew you would get posts saying, 'FGS what is a 3 year old doing in a pushchair, mine was walking 5 miles a day when they were 2 etc etc'

All children are different, everyone has different lives, if you need a pushchair then you need it, you don't need to justify it - sod what anyone else says!

We picked up an Urban Detour on e-bay for £30, it is great for everyday and long walks, and is very sturdy for a screaming runner!

marmet2010 Tue 01-Jun-10 12:16:26

yes i have even seen older kids in coachbuilt prams even at fairgrounds

margobambino Tue 01-Jun-10 23:48:13

hazeyjane, do you know what the weight limit is for urban detour?

llareggub Tue 01-Jun-10 23:58:05

My 3 year old would refuse to get in a buggy. He is tall, sturdy and full of beans and yearns to be a big boy. He would be embarrassed by the buggy. Have you asked your 3 year old if he still wants it?

SchnitzelVonKrumm Wed 02-Jun-10 00:15:29

Get him a scooter

beagle101 Wed 02-Jun-10 00:36:53

We found the ABC take off buggy absolutely fab on holiday - folds up small and yet still huge for a tired toddler (doesn't recline though if you are looking for him to snooze) but our son loved it as it is less buggy like and more a chair on wheels so he felt like a big boy

If you are particularly worried about the airport as opposed to just wanting a buggy you might want to try getting a trunki - our kids use these when we travel - they absolutely love packing their little cases with their treasures then just scoot along in the airport - they have 'leads' so you can keep them close to you but with the trunki you can get from check in to gate with no hassle from little ones who are just happy scooting on a trunki!

hazeyjane Wed 02-Jun-10 08:54:52

margobambino, I'm afraid I don't know, but they are pretty solid - my friend uses one for her 3 1/2 yr old, who is quite big.

I had a look on ebay to see if there was one on there that said, and see that there are some going for as little as a tenner. You could have ours for free if you fancy it (cat me if you do)

The trouble with scooters is that if your 3 yr old is the sort that legs it across a busy car park then you are just giving them a 'getaway car'!

My 3 yr old dd is also full of beans and runs around like a mad thing (not so tall, but sturdy!), but we walk 3 or 4 miles a day (which she walks most of), up to school and back, then into town, and sometimes she is knackered and sometimes we are in a hurry to get up to school.

loonyrationalist Wed 02-Jun-10 09:47:55

My dd1 was out of her pushchair at 2.5 she is a good walker & crucially although we go on long leisurely walks we live rurally so have to drive when we go to school/shopping etc etc.

Those who say a 3 year old does not need a pushchair would be happy with a 3 mile time pressured round trip to collect from school? Or are able to walk home from the supermarket laden with bages & also able to adequately keep a 3 year old road safe?.... thought not.. then don't apply your circumstances to everyone else.

BigWeeHag Wed 02-Jun-10 12:46:51

DS1 is 5 in August, and still uses a buggy every single day. Nothing wrong with his legs.

I had someone commenting about it the other day, and just smile about it. Bless their judgemental wee hearts, still, at least they got to feel superior to me and my defective parenting for a microsecond, sure it made the rest of their life so much better. I didn't offer explanations, because I don't have to. I know and he knows that the buggy is necessary.

OP, try a Jane or a MB terrain, higher weight limits.

accessorizequeen Wed 02-Jun-10 13:02:57

My 3.6yo still uses a buggy & I can't be arsed to explain why, I use a Maclaren XT which he fits into with room to spare. He's quite a big 3yo and I don't find it hard to push with him in. Volos have much smaller wheels, I don't imagine that it would be as easy to push. I got my XT off here for £40.
If you don't need something small that folds up etc I'd got for a 3 wheeler tho with air tyres, much easier on your back and bigger shopping basket! Or a baby jogger city mini, they're pretty fab but still not that cheap 2nd hand.

Multimummy Wed 02-Jun-10 13:50:05

Also - you could look on ebay for a mutsy - esp a mutsy with the fun seat - would make his ride fun, they can sometimes be got for a low price - if the seller won't / can't post - and if they're local enough for you to pick up! They're really sturdy - and the fun seat has a huge basket on the back - which can take 10kg of shopping/picnic/toys/beach kit! - so even if the seat is for 15kg - the frame/seat can obviously take another 10kg! Your kid won't look too big for it and it's way easier to push than one of those trike thingys! wink

Multimummy Wed 02-Jun-10 13:54:40


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