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Silver Cross surf

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snala Wed 05-May-10 18:01:49

Has anyone got one? Any reviews/comments please?
I can't seem to find out anything about it.
Thanks smile

Marne Wed 05-May-10 18:07:44

here ,a bit pricey grin.

faddle Wed 05-May-10 22:21:14

looks fab BUT
-crap basket
-weight is chassis only, no wheels or seat.
-very expensive.
-silver cross car seat empty weighs same as maxi cosi plus newborn.

Silver cross used to be the last word in quality but the new style stuff they have brought out has been a load of sh*te. The 3d pramette has had no end of problems, the halo is very flimsy, I think these days, they are no better than your average manufacturer, although their pushchairs seem to cost a lot more.

Bumbleconfusus Sat 08-May-10 10:27:02

I have one and love it. Price was good considering our options were that or an icandy or the cameleon, so this was the cheapest.

They are bringing out a larger basket in July so not long to wait if thats important to you, although I don't use the basket so its no probs for me. If you go onto facebook, silvercross has a company profile, where they have a video on how easy it is to dissemble.

I've taken it on a few dog walks and its been good, taken it around town on cobbles and it was good, in shops and it was good and easy to turn in tight spaces, taken it on a bus and it was good... DD finds it comfortable although a bit strange as they took such a long time to release it that she was 9 weeks old when we finally got it (and that was still 3 weeks till it was officially released after originally being advertised for release in January).

RuBro Fri 12-Nov-10 18:36:21

I have a Silver Cross Surf & think it's great - really easy to put up/down. Not too heavy for me (& I am quite little)! Very easy to push around. Looks great. My baby falls asleep when she is put in it, as if she knows she is off out!

Rosiemcposey Sun 18-Sep-11 08:33:14

Aggghhh! Help! Went with OH to look at pushchairs yesterday and found myself dreaming about them last night! Torn so far between bugaboo cameleon n silvercross surf. No one showed us us bugaboo bee. Worried about lack of storage on surf tho not big on shopping. OH v keen on storage space- not sure what he intends to store tho! Please help- how did you cope with small basket on surf?

suzie38 Sun 18-Sep-11 08:37:49

You can buy hooks to hang bags off the handle.

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