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phil and teds classic twin

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mummyistheword Sat 27-Mar-10 21:34:39

Its getting nearer the time I need to order pushchair, keep putting it off, dont want to choose wrong thing!!!! was dead set on out n about nipper double for ages (will be for 2.5 yr old and the baby) but then saw the phil and teds side by side classic, but ...cant see one in real life anywhere near me! never seen one out n about versus the other, which i see tons of with various ages in them! my questions are.....
does anyone know is it any higher off the ground for the newborn than the tandem phil and teds, and, are the hoods any good at shading (hard to tell off a photo in catalogues/online and out n about hood is perfect) summer baby so imp feature to me and finally what are the niggles with the p and t side by side? or the really good parts!
thank you for any advice offered.

5inthebed Sat 27-Mar-10 21:39:22

I've never had a tandem P&T, but had the side by side one for my (then) 6 month old and my large 3 year old. It was briliant to push, you couldn't tell who was on what side and unbelieveably light. The basket is huge at the back, which you would lose when you have the back seat on on the tandem. It got through normal doorways, was great around Tesco, could balance two baskets on the hood wink. Bumper bar was a bit tricky to remove but got the neck eventually. Never felt it would tip as it has two wheels at the front.

I've pushed a friends P&T tandem, and thought it was quite heavy compared to the side by side.

mummyistheword Sun 28-Mar-10 17:23:35

that all sounds excellent thank you! also the two wheel at the front thing must make it more stable as you mentioned and i hadnt really thought of that, the nipper is very lightweight and i am prone to overloading with shopping/coats/changebags etc etc, agree re the basket, its looks huge on the pics ive seen, and easier to access than the nipper one which looks quite to think of the resale values now! know i'll need a double at least for a few months but dd1 will turn 3 in dec so may swap double then for a single something! thanks again

nicolamumof3 Sun 28-Mar-10 19:31:01

no experience of side by side p&t but wouldn't recommend tandem for age gap you have your older dc will be too big for doubles seat in newborn mode. As for nipper i have had two singles and love them the lightness is the selling point also lifting/in out of car would think nipper is ALOT lighter than the p&t hoods fab for summer baby as you have noticed. good resale on them too. not sure on the p&t side by sides resale?

StantonLacy Sun 28-Mar-10 21:44:29

I've got one and I agree with everything 5inthebed said.

Have had it for three months and I love it ! So, so easy to push and steer, even one handed when holding 2.5 toddlers hand.

Must say though, that I don't really rate the hoods, coverage wise. In the winter, obviously no real problem, but with the sunny days we have been having recently I'm finding it a bit of nightmare for my DD of 13 weeks. Having to resort to the muslin and pegs solution hanging off the hood !Because the back of the seat is open when in newborn position (or covered with a clear plastic window thing)it means the baby is much more exposed - great for fresh air and visibility etc (love being able to look down at her while I walk !), not so good for sunny walks.

Not a big fan of the raincover either, I find it virtually impossible to snap the press studs to the frame - but it still gives good protection, as long as it's not too windy!

Not sure whether the newborn bit is higher than the tandems - a friend has a sport, will try and compare it for you.

The seats also only have three positions. You go from completely flat for newborn to virtually upright with nothing in between. This is beginning to be a problem now DD is a bit more aware of her surroundings and wants to look around. I knew this was only going to be a short term solution (toddler more and more likely to walk) but it is a shame they haven't made the seat recline a bit more versatile, like the newer tandems.

Having said all this,even with these little niggles, I think it is a great buggy and I really love using it.
Sorry for the mammoth post !grin

MillyMollyMoo Sun 28-Mar-10 22:35:46

*but wouldn't recommend tandem for age gap you have your older dc will be too big for doubles seat in newborn mode*

I had a 4 year old and a newborn in the doubles mode it was fine.

And I've had a 4 and 6 year old in a P&T without doing my back in, an effort but still the wheels didn't buckle.

nicolamumof3 Mon 29-Mar-10 09:19:20

did your 4yr old fit in doubles seat on top then? I always find it a bit of a squash beyond about 3.5yr esp with r/c hood.

mummyistheword Tue 30-Mar-10 23:01:49

wow! loads of super advice here, thank you to all! stantonlacy mammoth posts are ideal when you have a pushchair decision to make!!, thankyou. i had wondered about the hood thing, realised about the clear back part when its lay flat mode, ....more thought needed, think will take a few more weeks yet, no doubt panic will set in around 37 wks preggers and i'll hit the order button! but thanks to all mumsnet info and my research i should be in hope of choosing well!
nicolamumof3, i am tempted due to the hood thing on the nippers! its huge!! have pushed them in shops and indeed is lightweight but....does it ever feel like tilting/tipping in that case? they dont recommend hanging stuff on the handles but if you get a bag over there what happens? or is the under basket big enough in use with the back of seat baskets? also i have sat dd1 in toddler seat bit of p and t in newborn mode and her head touched the hood! that was 3months ago! poss not a big deal but she seemed so high up! part of reason for going down side by side route. thanks again people. there...another mammoth post!

mumtotwoboys Wed 31-Mar-10 20:03:57

I have a big 3 YO who is able to sit in toddler seat of phil and ted's E3, while baby lays below, can't put the hood up mind, but hey

mumtotwoboys Wed 31-Mar-10 20:07:57

I would have had the 'vibe' for size reasons if finances would haveallowed it, I wanted that pram so badly, had to settle for the E3 though :-(, second best ah well

Groovystyle Wed 31-Mar-10 22:15:20

Message withdrawn

Jenni77 Tue 30-Aug-11 17:27:44

I have just aquired a side by side classic (p&t) and love it!
MY girls are 18mths and 4yrs. Its basket is amazing - a full days kids kit, pinic incl blankets, coats etc and still a dream to push.
As earlier post said really can't tell which child is in which seat as so easy to push. Very stable even when fully loaded, incl stuff on top of hoods.
My older daughter very happy & comfortable riding in the seats. Plenty of room for her.
I could see the concerns re sun shining on newborn, as hood doesn't give massive shade, and clear panel on back in lie back position doesn't offer shade. However the ability to keep an eye on baby and the ventilation would out weigh shade issues for me. Especially as I carry loads of muslins around and one draped over the back or front of the hood would easily provide shade, or of course there is the option of the uv protective shade if you really feel you need it.
good luck, all buggies have pro's and cons.

pramsgalore Tue 30-Aug-11 17:46:27

had one of the side by side p&t and also the tandem P&t, the seats are the same so the same height off the floor [normal seat not second seat of course], this is the only side by side that would fit through my front door, they are very light to push, basket is huge, 4 wheels make it less tippy, but i found that after a while a larger toddler can place their feet on the footrest and stop the front wheel, as over time the footrest sags alittle, i placed a luggage strap around the frame underneath to hold it up more and stop him from doing this [he was not being naughty it was just the weight of his feet resting there] they are very good, but did also find little one slumped a little as the back was not that supportive but she never complained. i now have a p&t verve and love it, i have owned the sport, e3, twin, vibe and now the verve and i prefer the verve, but as a side by side goes they are good, so is the mountain buggy twin the older one though pre 2010, they are also very easy to push much the same as the p&t but with metal foot rest and no gapping hole at the top of seat when laid back

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